Magnetic Fields 2023: The Dates For Rajasthan’s Most Awaited Festival Are Out!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Magnetic Fields 2023: The Dates For Rajasthan’s Most Awaited Festival Are Out!

Calling out all the music fans out there, as Magnetic Fields is back for 2023. It is a contemporary arts and music festival that is celebrated every year with enthusiasm and love. The three-day long festival is all set to come to Rajasthan, India, for its 2023 edition. This time they are coming to the desert town of Alsisar, and we cannot wait for December to arrive. Yes, as always, it’s December, when we will all again be enchanted by soulful songs. 

Magnetic Fields 2023 In Rajasthan

Magnetic Fields has come to represent an intriguing picture of contemporary India, and its return every December is eagerly anticipated.

The Experience Festival, which has made a name for itself as one of the world’s most engaging contemporary arts and music events, has revealed the dates for its ninth edition, which runs from December 15 to 17.

The three-day festival is held in the quaint town of Alsisar, with the elegant Alsisar Mahal serving as the ideal backdrop for Magnetic Fields’ carefully curated presentation of music and the arts. On July 5, tickets for the December festival will go on sale through the website

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Fresh Ideas And Experiences

The festival promises to be an intense, sensory encounter and has a limited capacity, just like last year. The event places equal emphasis on selecting interesting music as it does on offering fresh ideas and experiences to participants.

The year Magnetic Fields 2023’s theme is preservation, which is a call to action to guard what is admirable, restore what is dwindling, and safeguard what is vital to humanity.

Honouring our ancestors, wisdom, knowledge, and culture is at the heart of preservation. It is about valuing our past and utilising it to mould our present and future.

The independent festival Magnetic Fields was started by artists for like-minded individuals. Wild City, Alsisar Mahal, Kunal Lodhia, Vikram Jagdev, Bijju Varghese, and Smita Singh Rathore all contributed to its production.

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Get ready!

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