Maharashtra Couple Skips Grand Celebrations, Donates 50 Beds On Wedding Day

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Maharashtra Couple Skips Grand Celebrations, Donates 50 Beds On Wedding Day

We’ve grown up in a culture that says marriage is an indispensable milestone that has to be reached. Of course, now things are changing as millennials refuse to take this school of thought forward. Marriage often gets overshadowed by the celebrations of it. We get busy with the preparations because it’s no less than a grand event. So many functions and so many details to take care of. People want their wedding day to look nothing less than Met gala but unlike them, we don’t have brands willing to sponsor our big day. Nor do we have Valentino sending in an assortment of their best gowns. That big boost to our ego comes with a cost…and several annoying relatives and relatives of relatives.

Now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, high-scale weddings have been adjourned. This means that people who had been saving up for their wedding now have two options – either have a small wedding or wait it out. By small wedding, I mean so small that your 13th birthday party had more people.

Dear Eric and MerlinIt gives me immense pleasure to be a part of your wedding on 20th June,2020. Especially because of…

Kshitij Thakur यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, २० जून, २०२०

The best part about it would be that you’d have so much money to spare and newly-wed couple Eric Lobo, 28, and Merlin Tuscano, 27 made a heart-warming use of it. The couple had a small wedding ceremony at the St Gonsalo Garcia church at Vasai with 22 guests. After which, Eric and Merlin went to the Satpala Isolation Centre and donated 50 beds complete with mattresses and pillows as well as oxygen cylinders. “With the pandemic raging, a covid care centre is the need of the hour. We are glad the money saved from our wedding has been put to good use,” TOI quoted Eric.

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The philanthropic couple had been dating for eight years and run an event management firm. They had planned to get married this winter in a grand way with 2,000 guests in attendance. However, with the unexpected turn of events, their focus shifted to helping those in need with the money they would have used for the wedding. “From community kitchens to arranging trains for migrants, we pitched in wherever we could. When it came to making a personal contribution, a proper Covid centre for rural Vasai seemed the best decision,” said Merlin.

ती सध्या काय करते?

Eric Lobo यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, ३१ मार्च, २०२०

Eric and Merlin didn’t spend on pre-wedding functions and even the bride’s gown was rented. The couple is now helping at the COVID centre which is scheduled to open soon.

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Earlier, we heard of two couples from Odisha and one from West Bengal who donated part of their wedding fund to help people in need due to COVID-19. Now that we are in this phase and we’ve seen the rise of digital weddings (and now virtual divorce too!), maybe we’ll realise that a grand wedding isn’t very important after all. Or at least, invest only as much as you can afford instead of spending your entire saving plus some more on a wedding. In the end, donating to a cause should feel better than feeding people who can feed themselves. Hats off to these couples who have taken the initiative to do something good while keeping the focus where it should be – on the marriage bit and not the wedding!

The story has been contributed by Akanksha Narang from The Hauterfly