Maharashtra Sweet Shop Sold Golden Modak During Ganesh Chaturthi At ₹12,000 Per Kg

by Tania Tarafdar
Maharashtra Sweet Shop Sold Golden Modak During Ganesh Chaturthi At ₹12,000 Per Kg

No Indian festival is complete without sweets and modaks are a quintessential part of Ganesh Chaturthi festivities. You must have tried a variety of modaks but did you try a gold-plated one? Yes, a sweet shop in Nashik offered this unique and rather pricey modak decided to sell modaks at ₹12,000 per kg. You must be wondering who in the right mind would offer these super-pricey treats but according to reports, there were many takers.

The Sweet Shop Offered 26 Varieties Of Modak

Modak is believed to be Lord Ganeshas favourite sweet and during this festival, devotees prepare a variety of modaks including chocolate, kesar, kaju, motichoor, and khoya modak, for the deity. During the 10-day long Ganesh Chaturthi festival, this sweet shop in Nashik sold 26 varieties of modaks including the gold-plated one. Here are 5 Types Of Modaks You Have Probably Never Heard Of!

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Edible Silver Modaks Were Sold For ₹1460 Per Kilogram

Named, Sagar Sweets the sweet shop has been making headlines with its ‘golden modak’ that is going viral across the internet. Among other varieties of madaks, the sweet shop also sold edible silver modaks that are priced ₹1460 per kilograms. Surely, we cannot put a price tag on devotion. During the annual festival, people have also been creating unique Ganesha idols across the country.

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Would you buy these golden modaks? What are your thoughts on this?