5 Types Of Modaks You Have Probably Never Heard Of!

by Drishti
by Drishti1525

We have to thank all our Gods for making us eat some amazing food during festivals. What a feast it always is! And now that Ganesh Chaturthi is here, we can’t wait to gorge on some hearty modaks. The traditional ones, called ukadiche modaks, are essentially steamed sweet dumplings made from rice flour. They have a filling of grated coconut, jagegry, and cardamom powder. But we came across some really quirky ones where people have experimented with interesting flavours. So, here are 5 Types Of Modaks You Have Probably Never Heard Of!

1. Oreo Paneer 

We love our Oreos, and we love our paneer, so what happens when we fuse these? Taste explosion! The filling for this modak is made from grated paneer, crushed Oreo whites, and condensed milk. You can also add dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, and walnuts to the filling for some crunch! (Idea courtesy: Bake Diaries by Sugandha)

Oreo modak. (Picture Credits: cookpad.com)

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2. Jackfruit Seed Modak

Is jackfruit a fruit or a vegetable? Hmm… Anyway, as long as we get to eat it as a modak, we’re good! The covering of this delicious sweet is made from rice flour, and the filling is an interesting mix of jackfruit seeds, and palm sugar. You can also add a pinch of cardamom powder to its stuffing for that extra flavour! (Idea courtesy: Neeru Srikanth)

Picture Credits: Neeru Srikanth/ archanaskitchen.com

3. Apple Cinnamon 

Since we’re going all the way unique into our flavours, why leave out the ultimate flavour combination of apple and cinnamon? Well, apple cinnamon modak has a classic apple-cinnamon-sugar filling. The outer layer of the modak is a crispy one, which is made from a blend of maida, sooji, rice flour, and milk. (Idea courtesy: Bakelicious)

Picture Credits: bakelicious/archanaskitchen.com

4. Vermicelli Modak

Of course we’ve all heartily relished vermicelli in kheer, and also as meethi seviyan, but modaks? We say, why not?! So, the stuffing for vermicelli or seviyan modak is made by mixing up crushed dry fruits and desiccated coconut. And, the outer layer is made from an interesting blend of roasted seviyan and condensed milk. We’re already drooling! (Idea courtesy: firstimercook)

Picture Credits: firsttimercook.com

5. Lime, Coconut, Cranberry And Rose Bliss

Meanwhile, some cafes are also coming up with a lot of interesting versions of modaks. LaFolie, a café in Mumbai is doing some really cool artisanal spins on the dessert. They’ve got a box of six: Almond rocher; Hazelnut rocher; Ruby chocolate & pistachio rocher; Sugar-free peanut, date and quinoa bliss ball; Lime, coconut, cranberry and rose bliss ball; and dark chocolate, blueberry and Earl Grey bliss ball.

Picture Credits: lafolie.in

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Well, that rounds up our list of some of the most interesting, delicious versions of the sweet we lovingly offer to Lord Ganesh. Have you come across some unique flavours too? Let us know!



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