Maharashtra: Trekkers & Visitors Rescued From Raigad Fort; Video Shows Cloudburst-Like Rain Conditions; Fort Closed Till July

The hill fort has been shut down for visitors.

by Shreya Ghosh
Maharashtra: Trekkers & Visitors Rescued From Raigad Fort; Video Shows Cloudburst-Like Rain Conditions; Fort Closed Till July

It has been some time since monsoon season has entered India. Ever since the beginning, it began triggering waterlogging, landslides, and floods in several places nationwide. Maharashtra is one of the Indian states facing the harshest impacts of heavy rainfall this year. Videos of the famous Raigad Fort grabbed everyone’s attention for a sudden rush of rainwater flooding the fort’s stairs and leaving visitors stranded amid massive downpours.

Visitors And Trekkers Were Stranded At Raigad Fort

Đêêpãķ Přąɓĥų (@ragiiing_bull) shared a video of the horrifying condition seen at the fort in Maharashtra.

What began as a pleasant day to explore Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Raigad Fort soon turned into a nightmare for many. Tourists got stranded on the stairs of the iconic place because of the intense rush of heavy rainwater flow and ongoing rainfall worsening the condition during afternoon hours, at around 3.30 PM-4 PM. Moving or taking a step looked like the riskiest activity in the world.

Visitors were trying to remain firm in that condition holding the hill fort walls and stair rods. Also, trekkers were stuck in dreadful situations. Videos of this life-threatening incident are making rounds on social media platforms. The viral visuals are scary and we can only imagine how terrifying the journey must have been for everyone stranded at the Raigad Fort. According to a report by India Today, the cloudburst-like rain was reported on Sunday.

Staff from Raigad police and district administration headed to the spot to evacuate everyone. According to a report by The Times of India, there were nearly 500 people stuck at the Raigad Fort. Members of an NGO also joined Raigad police to rescue people.

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The Fort Is Now Shut For Visitors

Here’s another daunting video of the fort shared by Crime Master Gogo (PARODY) 🇮🇳 (@vipul2777).

The latest reports state that Raigad Fort has been closed to tourists till July 31. The decision has been taken to avoid similar risky incidents amid ongoing downpours. Also, police staff is present at Raigad Fort to stop travellers from heading to the hill fort.

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Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Đêêpãķ Přąɓĥų (@ragiiing_bull) 

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