Maldives Gets World’s Largest Overwater Villa, With Retractable Roof, Waterslide, & A Private Pool

Maldives Overwater Villa
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1939

The Maldives is one place in the world that never fails to describe luxury. With opulent resorts in secluded islands that speak sheer luxury, the country knows how to take care of the travellers. And now, the luxurious realm has just upped its Luxury game by introducing the world to Soneva Fushi Resort. The resort which opened on September 25, claims to be the world’s largest one- and two-bedroom overwater villas in the world. 

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The Overwater Villa Has Eight Suites Which Are Now Available For Booking

The one-bedroom villa is at 6,286 square feet and the two-bedrooms at 9,224 feet. There are varied overwater villas out there, but these are the largest one and two-bedroom villas available. There are eight of these suites known as Water Rooms, which are now available for booking. Well, if you thought that’s it, then you are mistaken. These eight villas have glass floor panels, for seeing coral and fish up close without having to get on a boat. It also has private outdoor bathtubs, wooden porches with sun loungers, pools, retractable roofs for stargazing from bed and waterslides.

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The Resort Boasts The Largest Outdoor Movie Screen In The Indian Ocean

Well, that’s not it! The property also has multiple restaurants, including a chocolate room, kids club, tennis courts and an observatory. It further has a reef for scuba diving and a glass-blowing centre. And somehow, we are not done yet, because the property has a lot more to offer. It is also home to Cinema Paradiso, the most magnificent outdoor movie screen in the Indian Ocean. 

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The extravagant Soneva Fushi resort is nestled on a private island called Kunfunadhoo Island. And if you are already tempted by the amenities that this property has to offer, then you can book this for yourself now. The Maldives is now open to tourists from any country, provided they remain on one island for the duration of their stay. Book your stay here and enjoy the last few months of 2020, because Quarantine can never get better than this. 

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