Malls And Multiplexes CANNOT Charge Parking Fees: Gujarat High Court

by Angel Srivastava
Malls And Multiplexes CANNOT Charge Parking Fees: Gujarat High Court

Raise your hand if you are someone who thinks that malls and multiplexes are always overcharging when it come to parking fees, and the price only keeps on increasing by time. Well, as a respite from all the parking ticket woes, Gujarat High Court has ruled that malls, multiplexes, and other shopping establishments cannot charge a parking fees from the people.

What Is It?

Over the years there have been many instances where these establishments have been found charging unrealistic parking charges. In light of this, Gujarat High Court Ruled that malls, shopping establishments, and multiplexes will have to provide parking space to the customers without collecting any fee from them.

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This provision by the Gujarat High Court was made under the provisions of the Comprehensive General Development Control Regulation 2017 (GDCR), and has left the people of Gujarat with a sigh of relief.

What’s More?

The decision was ruled out by the division bench of Chief Justice Anant S Dave and Justice Biren Vaishnav. The duo reached to this conclusion based on the analysis of provisions in Gujarat building and town planning laws.

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According to the provisions in Gujarat building and town planning laws, building owners should provide car parking space and the bench observed that the usage of the word ‘provide’ here means that it should be given without charging any fee.

The whole matter started last year when mall owners had received an order from the traffic police authorities asking them not to charge parking fee as the GCDR did not permit it, and has finally given a result everyone wished for.

We hope more states look into the matter and imply a rule that at least saves the people from paying an exuberant amount of parking fees.