Man Bungee Jumps From 198 Feet To Dunk Doughnut In Coffee; Sets World Record

by Sanmita A
Man Bungee Jumps From 198 Feet To Dunk Doughnut In Coffee; Sets World Record

People do the most ordinary actions in the most extraordinary ways to create world records. And it is most remarkable how they do it heroically! And in one such instance, a man attempted to bungee jump from 198 feet to dunk a doughnut in a cup of coffee. This video was then shared by the Guinness World Records (GWR) on their official Instagram handle.

Highest Dunk Of A Doughnut

The caption in the video reads, ‘Highest dunk of a doughnut (bungee jumping) 🍩☕ 60.553 m (198 ft 8 in) by Ron Jones 🇺🇸.’ GWR further puts down a comment which reads, ‘A doughnut was dunked into a coffee cup measuring just 8.89 cm (3.5 in) in diameter on the US TV show Guinness World Records Unleashed in 2013.

The current record for highest bungee dunk is 73.41 m (240 ft 10 in) by Simon Berry (UK) who dunked a biscuit into a cup of tea in 2016. In the video, Ron Jones is seen prepping before he finally does the jump. He then goes down 198 feet to dip the doughnut in his hand in a cup of coffee placed on a table.

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Netizens Are In Splits

People posted the most honest answers after seeing the video. ‘This is savage 😳’ a user wrote.

Another user wrote, ‘Could have posted this on June 3rd for national donut day.’

He took Dunkin Donuts to a whole another level 💯, a user wrote.

Imagine how confidently this guy dunks his doughnuts on usual life; another user wrote.

Finally something impressive’ a user wrote.

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