Man Finds 60-Year-Old McDonald’s Meal In Bathroom Wall With Perfectly Crispy Fries

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Finds 60-Year-Old McDonald’s Meal In Bathroom Wall With Perfectly Crispy Fries

Finding something decades old is quite an interesting experience. And very recently a man from Illinois, United States experienced something similar. He discovered a packet of 60-year-old McDonald’s meal inside his bathroom wall. He was making some refurbishing and renovation in his house when he found the 6-decades old McDonald’s packet.

A Man Found 60-Year-Old McDonald’s Meal In Bathroom Wall

The New York Post identified this man as ‘Rob’ who found this packet. He took to Reddit to post about this finding. Rob found a packet of half-finished french fries ‘wrapped in an old rag’. The photo that he shared on Reddit had 3 very old McDonald’s packaging wrappers and also a packet of half-eaten fries. The striking part of the post is that he shared that the fries were ‘perfectly crispy’.

Man Finds 60-Year-Old McDonald's Meal In Bathroom Wall With Perfectly Crispy Fries

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How Did He Found The Packet?

Rob shared that while he was working in the bathroom, he found a piece of cloth stuck behind some plaster on his bathroom wall. He pulled out that piece of cloth to show it to his wife but instead was taken aback when he discovered the decades-old McDonald’s meal. Surprisingly, he neither found any smell from that bathroom space nor any mice running around there.

Rob is quite sure that the McDonald’s meal packet is staying behind his bathroom wall since 1959. The house he is staying in at the moment was built in 1959. Rob’s family actually lived near one of the very first McDonald’s outlets in Crystal Lake. In fact, that outlet started operating in 1959 and this is also the same year of building his house. He is actually assuming that that package might belong to the workers and the builders who built the house back then.

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