Man Orders Chicken Wings, Gets Bones And Note From Delivery Boy

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Orders Chicken Wings, Gets Bones And Note From Delivery Boy

Our lives have never been the same with food delivery services. We can now gorge on everything we like to eat at any point in time in the comfort of our houses. With so many advantages, come along some disadvantages as well. We often hear bizarre incidents customers face after receiving the deliveries. And something similar happened with a customer after ordering chicken wings from an app called DoorDash.

Man Gets Bones And Note From Delivery Boy After Ordering Chicken Wings

Just sometime back, an Instagram user named Damien Sanders uploaded a video on Instagram about his experiences after placing an order from an online food delivery app. He ordered chicken wings, fries, and a drink from a restaurant using DoorDash. According to Damien, he did not exactly get what he ordered inside the delivery package. When he opened the parcel, he was in shock. All he received was the drink, a box with not even a single piece of fries, and chicken wings with no meat and only bones.

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Instead, he found a sad note placed in between his package. The note by the delivery boy read, ‘I’m sorry I 8 (ate) cho (your) food. I’m broke & hungry. Consider it you are paying it 4ward (forward). I’m quitting this lame a** job N E way (any way). Be blessed. Your truly DoorDash Guy.’

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Social Media Users Are Having Mixed Reactions!

The video is now garnering a lot of traction on social media and the reactions of the netizens in the comment section are quite different. Shared very recently, this video has over 6,000 views currently with more than 300 likes and about 70 comments. Instagram users are pouring their opinions into the comment section. While some are feeling very sympathetic toward the delivery boy and asking Daniel to forgive him for eating his chicken wings, a group of netizens is not happy with the situation. In fact, some users even thought that this is a fake video. Someone wrote, ‘Just let it go bro, maybe ur the chosen one to help him. 🙌🏻’. An user commented, ‘Dude writes the way you talk. Either fake or you can’t blame him for being your alter ego lol’. Another comment read, ‘Atleast he was honest and left a note, admitting it. Forgive him in the name of the lord!!!’