Shocking Clip Of Woman Thrashing Zomato Delivery Boy Goes Viral

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Shocking Clip Of Woman Thrashing Zomato Delivery Boy Goes Viral

A very shocking clip of a Zomato delivery boy being thrashed by a woman is doing rounds on the internet. The video was first shared on Twitter and it went viral in no time. The viral video has actually left people in shock and also furious. The video received many reshared and angry netizens commented on it being vocal for justice. The video was recorded by one of the bystanders. 


Woman Thrashed Zomato Delivery Guy

A Twitter user named @bogas04 shared a video clip on his handle which went viral in no time. The video showed a woman mercilessly thrashing a delivery guy from Zomato. The tweet further explained that the woman actually snatched the order from the delivery guy and began thrashing him with her shoe. He next explained how he got to know about it. The user who tweeted this was actually the person to whom the order belonged to. The Zomato delivery guy came to him crying and told him about his order being snatched by a woman. He also said that now as he is unable to deliver, she is terrified about losing his job. 

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Angry Netizens Demand Justice

The video actually went viral in no time. The thread of tweets also showed all the actions taken by the user in order to help the Zomato delivery guy. But nothing could be done. The user tried and contacted the customer care but they asked the rider to contact the rider support. The rider could not do the same because they did not understand Kannada. Many netizens saw the video and tweeted about the same. A lot of them demanded actions to be taken against the woman and also offered the delivery guy job security. Many also wrote how the safety of the delivery guys too is important and should be taken care of. Zomato finally replied over the tweet and said that they are checking into the matter. 

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