Man Walks 1600 KM From Mumbai To Varanasi; Family Denies Entry Fearing COVID-19

by Gizel Menezes
Man Walks 1600 KM From Mumbai To Varanasi; Family Denies Entry Fearing COVID-19

Just like thousands of stranded migrant labourers in the country, Ashok was left without a job after the place he worked at shut down due to nationwide lockdown. So he walked 1600 kilometres from Mumbai to Varanasi. But, instead of being welcomed at home with open arms, he was denied entry by his own family. The culprit – coronavirus!

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times (for rep)

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Man Walks 1600 Km On Foot Only To Be Denied Entry At Home

When the hotel where Ashok Kesari worked at in Mumbai’s Nagpada area shut due to the lockdown, he didn’t know what to do. So he left for Varanasi from Mumbai with six friends on foot.

With a few bucks in his pocket, he walked for 14 days to cover a 1600-km distance via road and rail tracks. While he remained hungry for most of the time, some generous people offered him food that helped him survive.

However, when he reached his residence in Saptsagar Dawa Mandi, Varanasi, he was denied entry into his own house, with family members fearing that he was COVID-affected in Mumbai. In fact, the whole locality was worried. They immediately informed the police authorities in their area.

A Responsible Citizen, He Got Himself Checked At The Nearest Hospital

But Ashok was not irresponsible. Mindful of all the travel he undertook, he went to the Divisional Hospital in Kabirchaura, despite his tiredness. Since there was no screening being done there, he was directed to the Deen Dayal Level 2 hospital.

With no signs of the virus, the doctors advised him to self-quarantine himself for 14 days. But with no place to stay, the district administration admitted him to a quarantine centre in Maidagin locality of Varanasi.

According to Kotwali police station officer, Inspector Mahesh Pandey, Ashok is fine but very exhausted and worn out. The police are now gathering information about his friends and have started to track them down for screening and further purposes.

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