Manipur Man Replants 300 Acres Of Forest

by Mrunal Mahajan
Manipur Man Replants 300 Acres Of Forest

While the corporate kings are busy deforesting our forest lands, here is a man who single-handedly replanted 300 acres of forest in Manipur’s Imphal. Moirangthem Loiya gave up his job as a medical representative and committed himself to grow 300 acres of lush greenery.

Loiya is 45 years old and has been working dedicatedly for 17 years, building, protect and fighting for the environment. The forest is known as Punshilok, which means ‘Spring of Life’ and today it is home to 250 species of plants and 25 species of bamboo, reports ANI.

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300 acres of forest
Credits: ANI

Loiya was always a nature lover and was fascinated by huge trees and jungle. “When I completed my college and came back, I saw the entire forest in my area was gone; only small plants were left. I was very shocked and upset. The sight triggered the desire to do something for the environment” reports ANI.

He also overcame battles with the woodcutters and hunters, he had to explain the need for forests and importance of it. Eventually, with time the issues got resolved and Loyia’s dedication came through. His work is appreciated by the authorities and now he has a small team who works to expand Punshilok.

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Amazon Rainforest are the ‘lungs of the earth’ and they are burning at an alarming, the sole reason being deforestation! Back in Mumbai, the BMC authorities are readily chopping off trees in Aarey the ‘only green cover of the city’ for the construction of a Metro- shed. Our future is compromised only to give us a luxurious present.

We need more Moirangthem Loiyas in our country as we are now in the endgame!

Take a look at what Loiya had to say about the 300 acres of forest!