Marathi Mulga Atul Kulkarni Loves These Maharashtrian Dishes & You Will Too!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Marathi Mulga Atul Kulkarni Loves These Maharashtrian Dishes & You Will Too!

Only a handful of actors leave a lasting impression with their talented abilities. Atul Kulkarni, a national award winner and acting master, is one such amazing actor. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Atul Kulkarni, a die-hard foodie, joined our anchor, Arohi Thatte. He enjoys Maharastrain food a little too much and is a travel enthusiast.  He gave us a proper list of the lovely food items he adores from the state of Maharashtra. Watch the entire video straight away to avoid missing any major details of this episode.

Atul Kulkarni Loves These Yummy Maharashtrian Dishes

Atul Kulkarni has pure Maharashtrian blood in his veins. He is extremely proud of this and we could see the same throughout the video. We were savouring Vinay Health Home’s delicious rassa bhaji, dalimbi usal, misal, and sabudana vada when he said to us that he was a huge foodie. He said, “I love food. Quantity-wise I don’t eat much but I love to try different things.”

He very passionately went on to list the Maharashtrian food items he loves. We being huge fans of Atul Kulkarni, took a pen and paper and noted down. Are you ready? Here goes Atul, “Solapur is famous for its Sengachi Chutney and Sengachi Poli, which I love.” He adds on Kadak Bhakri and Saoji Mutton which is basically from the northern part of Maharashtra but he loves the same from Solapur as well.

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When we said Atul had a list, we meant it. He went on to mention Gajanand, Mande and Monappacha Soda, which he never had anywhere in the world. Atul narrates a story about a guy named Monappa who owned a small pan shop and his speciality was the masala he put in sodas. He imitated the sound of opening a soda bottle to tell us that he was talking about the street soda bottles with marbles. Monappa would also serve boiled eggs with that special masala. That soda came to be known as Monappacha Soda.

He Doesn’t Think Puran Poli Is A Maharashtrian Food

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When we think of Maharashtra food, we usually think of dishes like vada pav, misal pav, puran poli, kothimbir vadi, and more. But Atul has different insights to offer. He gave us a deep response when we asked him where we could locate the best Maharashtrian food. He told us that there are countless variations in Maharashtra’s cuisine depending upon the region. There are variations in the spice selection and cooking techniques across all regions.

The cuisines of Marathawada and the coastal Konkan regions are highly different, despite being clubbed together under the banner of Maharashtrian Cuisine. He also believes that puran poli is not strictly a Maharashtrian dish. It is rather a dish that is made in Maharashtra. Since it is an item prepared here, it is categorised as Maharashtrian food. There are many variants of the cuisine, each originating in a distinct region of the state.

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Comment down below if you have tried any of these food items mentioned by Atul.

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