Masterchef Gary Mehigan Compliments Chef Avinash Martins’s Authentic Local & Goan Fare At Cavatina

by Shreya Rathod
Masterchef Gary Mehigan Compliments Chef Avinash Martins’s Authentic Local & Goan Fare At Cavatina

All of us are familiar with Chef Gary Mehigan, a restauranter, a phenomenal former judge of Masterchef Australia, and of course a man with a passion for food. He has travelled to many places in India exploring different cuisines in a diverse country. However, what surprised him the most was the authentic Goan food at Cavatina in Goa. This is what he has to say about the food that he had at Chef Avinash Martins’s restaurant.

Gary Mehigan Tasted Local Goan Food

gary mehigan
Credits: Chef Avinash Martins/Instagram

In an interview with Kunal Vijayakar at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai, Gary Mehigan spoke about the culinary diversity of India. He reveals that he had travelled to many places in India, but never went to Goa for some reason. This time he had an opportunity that he didn’t miss and visited Cavatina in Goa.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Avinash Martins, who is an expert in the local Goan cuisine. This was the first time that the Masterchef ever tasted something apart from the usual Butter Chicken and Naan. He had the pleasure of trying stir-fry with local White Bait.

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Appreciation Well Deserved


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Chef Avinash Martins through his Instagram account has displayed his gratitude towards Gary Mehigan for his interest in local cuisines of India. The story had a caption stating the same.

India truly is a diverse nation, not with just people but with food and culture as well. There are so many undiscovered dishes that need the same recognition from people. Chef Avinash Martins has taken a step to present and showcase this beautiful food to the world. Tell us if you have any memories of food that is restricted to your family or village.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Chef Avinash Martins/Instagram