Meat Ban! UP Govt Bans Sale Of Meat For 2 Months On Kanwar Yatra Routes This Savan

Kanwar yatra
by Shreya Ghosh

The month of Savan is considered very auspicious and celebrated with glory and grandeur each and every year. Unlike other years, this month is going to be incredibly special this time as devotees will be celebrating the month for 59 days. For the first time in 19 years, this Savan month will be celebrated for about 2 months with 8 Mondays. Kanwar Yatra 2023 is all set to begin on 4 July and the Uttar Pradesh government made some major announcements ahead of the Yatra.

UP Government Issued Some Guidelines For This Savan Month’s Kanwar Yatra

Kanwar yatra

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The state government recently shared its decision of banning the selling of meat openly on the routes of the iconic Kanwar Yatra this year. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has issued the directions for this significant step taken for the upcoming Savan month. This newly issued guideline states the prohibition of meat sales in the open on the above-mentioned route. According to a report by News 18, a review meeting was conducted for this significant decision. Police commissioners, divisional commissioners, district magistrates, and police superintendents were present in this meeting along with the UP Chief Minister.

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Not just prohibiting the sales of meat during the Kanwar Yatra, there are some more guidelines shared by the Chief Minister and the government for the auspicious month of Savan and all the celebrations during this long span of 59 days.

Yogi Adityanath Stated All These Decisions Recently

Kanwar yatra

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The UP Chief Minister shared that the traditional Kanwar Yatra will begin on 4 July 2023. And the streets on this journey need to be clean and properly sanitised. Also, there need to be streetlights on the significant route, as stated in the statement. Along with all these, he also shared that there should be proper arrangements for drinking water here as the weather is very hot at this time of the year. Another important thing that Yogi Ji asked is to install CCTV cameras in different places on the Kanwar Yatra route.

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He also stated to make arrangements and setups for camps in proper places. These camp places need to be specified ahead of the journey to avoid any sort of traffic issues.

Are you ready to celebrate the Savan month?

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