Meet Rasha ZamZami, The Saudi Woman Driving Instructor Who Is A Rage On Social Media

by Deeplata Garde
Meet Rasha ZamZami, The Saudi Woman Driving Instructor Who Is A Rage On Social Media

Saudi Arabia treats both genders in the kingdom in a cohesive way of equality when it comes down to equality. Hence news regarding Women’s empowerment is no new headline for Saudis. But this woman driving instructor is sure to turn heads by turning her passion into a profession. And currently, Rasha Zamzami has acquired the hot seat in social media and has attracted a lot of fame through her driving diaries.

Social Media Sensation, Woman Driving Instructor & A Go-Getter!

The rising popularity of Rasha ZamZami has been attracting her fame in the automotive industry. Her ever-increasing social media family has reached 12,800 followers on Tiktok & 8, 355 on Instagram. One can easily notice her excitement and knowledge regarding different types of cars. She has been clicked with various automobiles that range from Luxurious to economical. Rasha has been invited to many automotive events by big brands such as Nissin.

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Phobia Of Cars Made Her Come Back Stronger Than Ever!

Rasha has a heart-wrenching story linked to her career. The horrific accident of her niece pushed her to develop a phobia for cars. And the fear lasted until the day she decided she needs to break out of this dreadful pattern. Also being a single mother she wanted to learn driving to be more independent for herself and her child. So just learning to drive cars to run errands was the initial plan it seems but ZamZami didn’t stop there. The woman driving instructor from Jeddah became passionate about driving and achieved a license to teach. She calls herself a resilient person when it comes to facing hardships in life now. Her phobia has now turned into a lifelong passion and she enjoys every bit of it.

From closing her eyes while entering a car to driving and empowering others by teaching, Rasha ZamZami has come a long way. Her foremost goal is to teach people about safe driving culture. Apart from her eventful schedules, Rasha also uploads posts on social media to spread safety while driving.

The Driving sensation from Jeddah has attracted multiple campaigns to collaborate with. Also, she has received sponsorships from the automotive industry.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Rasha ZamZami