Meghalaya Govt To Allow Home Delivery Of Alcohol On Medical Grounds

by Tonakshi Kalra
Meghalaya Govt To Allow Home Delivery Of Alcohol On Medical Grounds

Who ever thought that we’ll get alcohol at our doorstep and all this will be done legally? Yes, you read that right. During lockdown, the Meghalaya state government revealed that it is allowing home delivery of liquor. It will be done to those who need it for health/medical reasons.

This step came to light in an order issued to the Commissioner of Excise, Meghalaya by the deputy secretary to the Meghalaya government.

Image credits: The New Indian Express

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What Did The Order Say

According to reports, it said, ‘The state government has approved home delivery of liquor on health grounds strictly against medical prescription issued by registered medical practitioner.’

Bonded warehouses may be allowed to sell and provide home delivery of liquor till April 14, the day the ongoing 21-day lockdown is scheduled to end. Also, the customer should be 21 years and above. That means, not anyone can ask for liquor and get it at their doorstep.

Procedure For Home Delivery

As per the order, the customer can log in and upload the medical prescription for the delivery of liquor to his/her residence from the bonded warehouse, in the respective district and the warehouse in turn, obtain the approval of the officer in the charge of excise, bonded warehouse and delivers the liquor to the customer on request upon payment of all dues.”

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Image credits: Eater Philly

‘Since the excise rules do not permit retail sale of liquor by the bonded warehouses, it may be treated as a temporary measure exclusively to cater to the essential health needs of genuine customers,’ it added further.

Delivery Charges

The warehouses have also been allowed to charge a maximum of ₹100 as delivery fee for 15 kilometres or less and ₹200 for more than 15 kilometre distance. The order clarifies that it is a temporary provision.

No COVID-19 positive case has been reported from the state so far.

A few days ago, Kerala Chief Minister P Vijayan had issued a similar order asking the state’s excise department to provide liquor against valid medical prescription. As per reports, as many as seven persons committed suicide in the state depressed over their inability to procure liquor due to the lockdown.