Mexico Now Has A Luxurious Tequila Train Offering Custom Cocktails & An Open Bar

by Suchismita Pal
Mexico Now Has A Luxurious Tequila Train Offering Custom Cocktails & An Open Bar

Imagine travelling on an Instagrammable train dedicated to your favourite drink. You can actually live in the experience in the country of Tequila, Mexico. The tequila train, known as the Jose Cuervo Express departs from the Mexican city of Guadalajara and takes its passengers to the town of Tequila in Mexico’s Jalisco state. Throughout the journey, the travellers onboard can treat their eyes on the breathtaking landscapes of the town, and also savour delicious Mexican snacks and custom cocktails. The guests are also served the premium Mexican tequila Reserva de la Familia. The rate of journey per person is $3,300 MXN( ₹12,244.30). Meanwhile, there is a hidden paradise in Mexico with hot springs.

Tequila Train Mexico
Picture Credits: Getaway Magazine

This Tequila Train Serves Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Whisky And Cocktails Onboard

An 11-hour journey on train and bus with an onboard premium bar access is something that doesn’t happen everywhere. But in the country of Tequila, Mexico, it definitely happens. The premium bar in the elite Jose Cuervo Express serves liquors like Tequila Maestro Tequilero®, Centenario®, 1800®, Reserva de la Familia®, rum, vodka and whiskey. The train also serves Mexican snacks and cocktails prepared with Jose Cuervo® tequilas.

Tequila Train Mexico
Picture Credits: Drinkhacker

The wagon leaves from Guadalajara train Station and reaches the Tequila town in two hours. After nine and half hours from the train’s initial departure, a bus leaves from Tequila taking the guests to Casa Cuervo – EDISA. One needs to pay ₹12,244.30 for the entire journey ( additional charges will be required for payments through credit cards). Also, here’s to looking beyond the infinity pools at Hotel Xcaret In Mexico.

Tequila Train Mexico
Picture Credits: Elite Daily

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Guests Can Also Explore The ‘Magical Town of Tequila’

At Tequila, the guests can enjoy a walk through Jose Cuervo’s® La Rojeña® distillery. They also get free time for lunch and to take a tour through the ‘Magical Town of Tequila’. What’s more, they can even visit the agave fields where they are given agave harvesting ( jima) demonstration. They can also enjoy three-glass educational tequila tasting guided by a tequila expert.  The journey also incorporates Mexican Show and a lottery game. The wagon has 37 passenger spaces. 24 of them are operational now due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Tequila Train Mexico
Picture Credits: Tour a Tequila

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If you too want to embark on this train journey to the town of the magical spirit, Tequila, you need to visit the train’s website right away. On that note, have you ever tasted vodka pani puri?