MHA: Passengers Won’t Need To Register Under Vande Bharat Mission; Directly Apply Through Airlines

by Sanjana Shenoy
MHA: Passengers Won’t Need To Register Under Vande Bharat Mission; Directly Apply Through Airlines

The Ministry of Civil Aviation on August 26 clarified that passengers flying to and from India don’t need to apply through the MoCA website. Instead, they can directly book their tickets through the respective airlines. The Ministry of Home Affairs declared that passengers can now book directly with the airlines for non-scheduled commercial flights. This is under the Airport Transport Bubble Arrangement and the Vande Bharat Mission. 

Passengers Don’t Need To Register Under Vande Bharat Mission Can Directly Book With Airlines

This good news shall cheer up air travellers. They can now book their tickets directly under the Vande Bharat Mission and Air Transport Bubble Arrangement for non-scheduled commercial flights. Passengers flying to and from air bubble countries don’t need to apply through the Ministry of Civil Aviation website. This comes after the Home Ministry issued a standard operating protocol on August 22. It stated that people eligible to travel on outbound flights “will apply to MoCA or an agency/agencies designated by MoCA for this purpose with necessary details, including places of departure & arrival”

India Formed Air Bubbles With USA, UK, France, Germany, Qatar

Fortunately, the ministry clarified on Twitter that it has designated all the airlines operating under Vande Bharat Mission and air transport bubble arrangements as designated agencies for this purpose”. The Tweet also added “Passengers may book tickets directly with the airlines concerned. They need not apply/register with the Ministry of Civil Aviation.” Commercial passenger flights on international routes faced suspension since the coronavirus-induced lockdown in March.

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The Union government-operated special repatriation flights with the national carrier, Air India under Vande Bharat Mission. This is via bilateral air bubble arrangements with other countries. Since July India operated special flights with the USA, the UK, the UAE, Germany France and Qatar under its air bubbles. In other highlights, the civil aviation sector recorded 100k domestic passengers in a day on August 26. Meanwhile, Vistara CCO stated that Air Travel is still one of the safest ways to travel.