Miracles In Tragedy: Children Rescued From The Turkey-Syria Earthquake Rubble

Turkey-Syria earthquake
by Tooba Shaikh

Children are dubbed miracles of God. These children rescued from the Turkey-Syria earthquake rubble are no less than miracles. Tragedy struck Turkey and Syria as a series of earthquakes shook the two countries and left their people destitute. However, whenever such tragedy strikes, a silver lining appears as if to give everyone hope. This silver lining may seem too thin when compared to the devastation that the earthquakes left in their wake, however, as the old Hindi adage goes, Doobte ko tinke ka sahara. Here are a few matchsticks of hope in the form of children that were successfully pulled out of the rubble alive and well.

One-Year-Old Baby Rescued From Turkey-Syria Earthquake Rubble

A one-year-old baby was rescued from the rubble 53 hours after the earthquake in Southern Turkey. The baby hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for at least two days.

In another hopeful incident, a mother and her two-year-old daughter were rescued from the rubble in Iskenderun almost 44 hours after the first earthquake hit.

Young Girl Successfully Saved In Afrin

In the small town of Afrin, which was wrecked by the tragic natural disaster, a young girl was successfully pulled alive from the rubble. The little girl is named Jana.

Another child was rescued from rubble in the southeastern region of the Adiyaman province. The mother of the child, too, was brought to safety shortly after.

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Miracle-Baby Born In The Rubble

Turkey-Syria earthquake

Credits: Ghaith Alsayed & Rami Al Sayyad

A newborn baby was pulled out of the rubble, still attached to the unfortunately passed mother via the umbilical cord. The mother, named Afraa Abu Hadiya, did not survive the earthquake. The baby, sadly, was the sole survivor of her family.

She was discovered when rescuers heard her crying in the debris in the town of Jinderis. The rescuers then took her to a children’s hospital in Afrin.

Young Boy Gleams As He Is Saved From Remains

Another video of a boy went viral on Twitter. He looks radiantly happy as he is pulled out from the rubble in the village of Armanaz. He was rescued by the White Helmets who also saved many others. The young boy, Karam, was all smiles as rescuers shower him with kisses.

Another in the series of these miraculous rescues happened in the town of Kahramanmaras. A 14-year-old girl was pulled alive from the remains of a building. After being pulled out, she implored the rescuers to also save her father. Shortly afterwards, the father too was saved. The other two members of their families, however, were not as lucky.

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Cover Image Credits: Rami Al Sayyad