5 Mistakes To Avoid While Booking A Homestay In India

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Mistakes To Avoid While Booking A Homestay In India

Most of us are very specific while booking a hotel or homestay for any trip and we tend to spend way lot more just to have a comfortable vacation. Even after booking well-known places, the results do not turn out as per our expectations sometimes. These things mostly happen due to not researching the properties properly. And with homestays grabbing the attention of the present crowd, there are so many chances of facing difficulties during our stay. There are no written rulebooks for mistakes to avoid while booking a homestay, but these are some basic yet important ones to remember. So let’s take a look at the 5 mistakes to avoid while booking a homestay in India.

1. Relying On The Details On The Website

The only way to get to know all about a homestay doesn’t really cease at the website. The pictures and descriptions online are never the entire thing. A call with the owner or staff is a great way to know all details of the stay.

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2. No Prior Information About Check-In Or Check-Out

There can be instances where you will reach the destination prior to some hours to the usual check-in time, or you need to extend your stay for an hour or so. The owner or other people of the homestay should be informed of the change in timings beforehand so that they can arrange everything according to your preferred time. This common mistake often creates commotion between the guests and the owner of the homestay.


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3. Not Knowing About The Food Timings

A lot of people prefer homestays not only because of the cheap rates but also for personal care and services. They will treat you in the best way possible and will try to look after all your demands, unlike hotels. One important thing to keep in mind while staying at homestays is that they cannot serve you food at any point in time like in hotels and resorts. They have a specific timetable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It becomes easier for them to arrange ingredients beforehand and serve the guests some local and delicious delicacies.

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4. Not Mentioning The Essentials In Advance

It is fine if you want some special services. It can be even as minimal as asking for an extra towel. Everything works fine and your demands also get fulfilled if you inform them of your needs ahead of time. You need to understand that they are not a proper hotel, rather they are here to provide you homely services with utmost care. Proper communication between the staff and the guests leaves no space for further difficulties. And you can also get what you want within the required time.

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5. Not Asking For A Room Change/ Upgraded Room

Booking a homestay in India can get tricky. We often rely on the internet before booking our stay. It is important to get on a call with the front desk for all the details and information. Once after reaching the place, if you see all the required criteria are not meeting the end, then you should ask what you deserve; a different room.

How will you know whether you can upgrade your room for free if you don’t ask them? There are so many instances where guests get an upgraded room without paying a single penny.

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