Mohammed Shami Saves A Car Accident Victim; Netizens Heap Praise, Say “Godsend Hero” & More

by Tejashee Kashyap
Mohammed Shami Saves A Car Accident Victim; Netizens Heap Praise, Say “Godsend Hero” & More

With a rhythmic run-up, flawless action, and the ability to generate significant pace and movement, Mohammed Shami has etched his name among the elite group of bowlers. With a power-packed performance in ICC Cricket World Cup’23. he is nothing short of inspirational.  Shami made headlines once again after he saved a road accident victim in Nainital.

Shami Saves A Road Accident Victim

The Indian cricketer shared a video on Instagram in which he was seen assisting an accident victim whose car had gone off the road. Captioning the video, Shami wrote, “He’s so lucky god gave him 2nd life. His car fell down from the hill road near Nainital just in front of my car. We took him out very safely.”

According to a post on Shami’s Instagram account, a stranger’s automobile slipped off a slope somewhere near Nainital, rushing towards the road before collapsing right in front of Shami’s car. Shami has been residing in Kolkata for the past few years. Shami is known for performing unselfish gestures, and he did so again here, rescuing the person from a car that had crashed into a tree.

The pacer went on to say that because his car was after the vehicle involved in the collision, he and the other people in his car could rush to the person’s aid and pull him out of the vehicle.

His humility and sportsmanship have earned him respect. Shami is seen in the video ministering to the rescued individual and healing his wounds. The video has gone viral on the internet. He has been rested for the present T20I series against Australia and made history in 2023 by becoming India’s all-time leading wicket-taker in 50-over World Cups.

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His Heroic Deeds Continue…

The impact of a story about saving lives extends beyond the virtual realm. Netizens commented and heaped praise on the ace cricketer. Comments like, “God send hero”; “Shami bhai with great heart”; “Brutal on the field, kind human off the field, absolute legend!” and more flood the video.

Mohammed Shami’s journey to becoming one of India’s leading fast bowlers is a tale of determination and hard work. Hailing from a small town, Shami’s initial exposure to cricket was humble.

Shami’s World Cup experience was reminiscent of an iconic movie. Initially, he was in the playing XI. But after Hardik Pandya’s injury, Rohit Sharma reshuffled the lineup with Shami. He did not play in the first four games and made his debut against New Zealand, taking 5/54. He got seven wickets in the semi-finals and concluded the tournament as the highest wicket-taker with 24 dismissals.

Shami maintained his high level of performance throughout the competition, breaking multiple records. He took the lone wicket of David Warner in the final but couldn’t stop the Australian juggernaut from lifting the ODI World Cup championship. On Sunday, November 19, Australia defeated India by six wickets in the final to claim their record-extending sixth ODI World Cup victory. Mohammed Shami has etched his name as a fast bowler par excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Cover image credits: Instagram/Mohammed Shami