Molecule Air Bar In Delhi Has Pod-Like Booths & A Perfectly Gorgeous Terrace For Social Distancing

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1172

Dining has got a whole new meaning in the past two years. Safety is the new cool. And if you’re craving for a laid back easy-breezy time with your friends in Delhi, then we have a great recommendation for you. Molecule Air Bar in Delhi has pod-like booths and a gorgeous terrace, perfect for social distance. Gorge on delicious food and drinks with a hint of molecular gastronomy. You will be assured of a safe dining experience for you and your loved ones.

Molecule Air Bar Is Inspired By Molecule

The concept behind Molecule Air Bar came from molecular gastronomy in 2015. The owner, Manish Sharma revealed to The New Indian Express that molecular gastronomy was really popular at that time. Today, Molecular Air Bar is a hot and happening dining spot in Delhi, but they don’t serve food prepared in liquid nitrogen anymore. But the minute you walk in the chemical smoke and mirrors still reverberate the original concept. With four outlets in places like Agra and Lucknow, and three more opening soon in other parts of India, Molecule Air Bar is the place to be.

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Relax In Pod-Like Booths & The Beautiful Rooftop Terrace

Molecule Air Bar revolves around molecule, the smallest of all particles. The minute you walk in the compact pod-like booths will instantly put you and ease. You can jump in to your own little social bubble with your loved ones. Isn’t it simply the best solution for social distancing? And for those of you prefer open air dining, just head to the stunning terrace seating area. The cosy striped chairs, potted plants and beautiful lighting is perfect for a romantic dinner, a family dinner or reunion with friends. A contemporary, futursitic vibe awaits you at Molecule Air Bar in Green Park. Should you be seated in a pod-like booth, the rooftop or indoors? Well, you’ll have a hard time choosing.

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Sip Exquisite Cocktails That Capture Futuristic Vibes

This restaurant has a fantastic selectiom of drinks. Their signature cocktails like the tropical “Liquid Marijuana”, “Nutty Old Fashioned” and “Secret Potion” with whiskey, jaggery and yuzu, leaves enough for your imagination. Apart from their exqusiiet cocktails, Molecule Air Bar serves a wide variety of local brews, wine, and choicest spirits. It truly captures the mood of an intimate, futuristic dining experience.

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Gorge On Indian Food With An Interesting Twist

Coming to the best part of the dining experience, the food, you’ll totally be in for a treat. Start your meal on a refreshing note with the Spicy Salmon and Shittake and Truffle Tartare Sushi. Pizza lovers can order an array of delicious pizzas with Indian and Continental toppings. Molecule’s Golgappa Shots is a total conversation starter. It comes with masala aloo, 3 flavours of water with tamarind and mint chutney syringes. Some other interesting dishes include Edible Lava Coal which is Dahi Ke Kebab with black tempura batter, Corn Popcorn Fritters and Chole Bhature Inside-Out.

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End your meal on a sweet note with the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake with tart bluberry compote. It has a traditional texture of a cheesecake with the sweet surprise of our desi favourite Gulab Jamun. A contemporary boozy dessert you must try is Khoya Roll With Cognac Sabaione. Bite into a cripsy roll stuffed with nuts and khoya, served with an intoxicating cognac sabaione sauce. So foodies, for Indian food with a twst, served to you in a social distance friendly environment, there’s no better place than Molecule Air Bar.


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