5 Mind-Boggling Maggi Dishes You Must Try In Delhi

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1746

Maggi noodles is not just a plate of food, it’s a serving of delicious nostalgia. Uniting, kids, teenagers, adults and even the elderly, a hot plate of Maggi on a cold monsoon day is an emotion in itself.  Delhiites, there are an array of mind-boggling Maggi dishes in your city that you must certainly try. Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the most unique Maggi dishes in Delhi. And yes, they may not take 2 minutes to prepare. But you can certainly demolish it in 2 minutes.

1. Maggi Masala Dosa At The Great Indian Dosa

The Great Indian Dosa gives the South Indian staple dosa, a maggilicious spin. The Maggi Masala Dosa is a favourite among instant noodle lovers. This dosa is filled with a mixture of Maggi, onions, veggies and masala. It’s served with sambhar and chutney. Bite into this crispy golden dosa and gorge on a delicious stuffing of wholesome Maggi noodles. 


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2. Butter Chicken Maggi At Food Overloaded

Attention Maggi fans! Delhi’s Food Overloaded serves the humble Maggi with a royal Butter Chicken twist. And if you ever want Butter Chicken Maggi, what better place to try it than the city which invented Butter Chicken! Serving over 20 different types of Maggi, this dish truly stands out. It has chunks of tandoori chicken, creamy tomato sauce, Maggi noodles and a topping of fresh cream. Buttery noodles with a lip-smacking gravy await you!

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3. Maggi Noodle Omelette At Kev’s Cafe

Kev’s Cafe is a Delhi gem. One of the best cafes in the city, this Satyaniketan eatery is a Mecca for college students. Maggi Noodle Omelette comes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavours. It gives a unique revamp to the simple noodles. With a flat noodle shape, the dish is topped with oodles of melt-in-the-mouth cheese and veggies. Students across Delhi often come all the way to have a bite of the delicious dishes of Kev’s Cafe.

maggi dishes delhi

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4. Cheese River Maggi At Hashtag Foods

Hashtag Foods serves 13 varieties of Maggi. The best part is that you can always order their signature Maggi dishes at home and relish it while you binge on shows. Their Cheese River Maggi is a mindboggling dish and a total haven for cheese lovers. It’s prepared by infusing Maggi noodles with cheese and masala. The dish is then topped with some more cheese and baked to perfection. Cheese River Maggi stands true to its name. It’s cheese and Maggi all the way! What more do you want right?

maggi dishes delhi

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Hashtag Foods

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5. Chicken Maggi Masala Pizza At Wood Box Cafe

If you had to choose between pizza and Maggi, what would you choose? Can’t decide? Well, neither can we. Well, thanks to Wood Box Cafe, you can truly have the best of both worlds thanks to their Chicken Maggi Masala Pizza. Maggi noodles is cooked to perfection with veggies and spices. It’s then topped on a pizza with chicken. And voila! Your Chicken Maggi Masala Pizza is ready!

maggi dishes delhi

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Wood Box Cafe

Foodies, so, these were some of the most unique Maggi dishes in Delhi. Make sure you add these to your bucket list and visit Maggi heaven!

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