Most Arab Youth Would Prefer To Live In The UAE According To A New Survey!

by Anupriya Mishra
Most Arab Youth Would Prefer To Live In The UAE According To A New Survey!

UAE is one of the most popular places to live in the Middle East. And this is a sentiment that is resonated amongst most of the Arab youth. It’s hardly surprising as there is a high quality of living, world-class infrastructure, and many attractions that are on offer in the country. So, according to a recent survey, it was determined that most Arab youth would prefer to stay in the UAE. Here’s more about this survey! As it happens, this brilliant result was also shared by His Highness Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum on his official Twitter account where he mentioned the good result.

Arab Youth Would Prefer To Live In The UAE

Arab Youth Survey is an annual survey that is regarded as the largest study of the Arab world. According to the survey for 2023, it was found that most of the Arab youth would prefer to stay in the UAE with a whopping 24%. Yes, the results were derived from face-to-face interviews conducted with approximately 3600 people between the age of 18 and 24 spanning 18 diverse countries. As it happens, this is the 12th consecutive year that the United Arab Emirates has taken the first spot. And this year, the second position was taken by the USA with 19%!

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Top Five Countries Where The Arab Youth Would Want To Stay

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In case you are wondering, the top five countries where Arab youth would most likely live include –

  • UAE – 24%
  • US – 19%
  • Canada – 19%
  • Qatar – 14%
  • UK – 13%.

According to the survey, the UAE was praised for being safe, boasting a growing economy, and effective leadership. In fact, the UAE also happens to be the country that most would want their own countries to be like, which is again for the 12th consecutive year. It should be mentioned, that this survey was conducted across 18 countries, including those in the GCC, North Africa, and Levent and others.

So, if you are an Emirati, isn’t this a proud moment? Well, go ahead and share this result with your friends.

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