Mumbai Has Its Very Own Cherry Blossom Trees & They Are In Full Bloom

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mumbai Has Its Very Own Cherry Blossom Trees & They Are In Full Bloom

If you’re yearning to make a trip to Japan or even a short vacation to the North East, just to have a glimpse of the breathtaking cherry blossom trees, then we have good news for you. Mumbai has its very own version of cherry blossom at the Eastern suburbs of the city. Drive or walk along the Vikhroli stretch of the Eastern Express Highway witness gorgeous Pink Trumpet trees. It’s botanically known as Tabebuia Heterophylla, and these are fast-growing, semi-deciduous tree flowers, which are relatively low maintenance as they need little water to sustain. Nevertheless, they are just spectacular. So do take your cameras with you to fill your Insta Feed with amazing pictures.

Picture Credits: Twitter/Emmanual Karbhari

What’s In It?

Pink Trumpet trees are native to the Swan Islands of Honduras and the Caribbean Islands of South America. These pink flowering trees are usually grown at roads sides and in gardens. They are usually planted by municipal corporations due to its low maintenance nature. You can experience its beauty in Mumbai from December to Apri near on the Eastern Express Highway between Ghatkopar and Vikhroli, opposite Godrej. But since the weather is getting hotter by the day, it’s advisable that you plan a visit soon and soak in the beauty of these pink flowers at the earliest.

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What’s More?

Pink Trumpet trees grow around 20 to 30 feet in height and have had a grey fissured trunk. The flowers have a white throat with yellow stripes. They bloom in large clusters during the spring season. These trees have an impressive flowering display and are used as ornamental trees in the tropical world. It also has medicinal uses where the inner bark of this tree is dried, shredded, boiled to make a brownish-coloured tea called lapacho or taheebo. It’s used to cure flu or for easing smoker’s cough.

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But the beauty of these Pink Trumpet Trees makes these floral wonders something to look forward to. So this week, take your family and friends to Mumbai’s Eastern Express Highway to spend some quality time gaping at this floral extravaganza. Did you know This Exceptional Purple Flower Blooms Only Once In 12 Years In Kerala?

Address: Eastern Express Highway In Vikhroli, Mumbai