Mumbai Hit By Unseasonal Rain & Storm On Wed Night; Netizens Capture The Moment Perfectly!

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai Hit By Unseasonal Rain & Storm On Wed Night; Netizens Capture The Moment Perfectly!

Mumbai, the ‘City of Dreams’, is a coastal town of Maharashtra and is the financial capital of the country. Apart from its colonial heritage, the city is known for its rain! During monsoon season, Mumbai experiences heavy rainfall and sometimes waterlogging. In addition to this, lightning, thunderstorms and gusty winds are nothing surprising for Mumbaikars. But on Wednesday night, the locals were surprised with unseasonal rain! And some locals have captured videos and images of the Mumbai rain.

The Unseasonal Mumbai Rain!

mumbai rain
Credits: Divyanka Tripathi/ Instagram

Mumbai’s rain is quite famous and was used in many Bollywood movies. The heavy rainfall, waterlogging, flooded railway tracks and whatnot! But Wednesday night’s rainfall was unexpected and rare considering it’s April. And monsoon rains shouldn’t start till June. In addition to this, there was lightning too! Actress Divyanka Tripathi posted a video about yesterday’s rain on her Instagram story. The video showed heavy rainfall and lit streets of Mumbai. You could even hear the pattering sound of rainfall.

Mumbaikars were fascinated by the ‘Mumbai Barish’ and captured the moment and posted it on Twitter. Have a look at these Twitter videos and images:

One of the users wrote, “what in the name of climate change is happening!”

Another one described this unexpected rain as “Level 2 of climate change”.

The next Twitter video shows the insane weather during the Mumbai rain.

This user was relieved to escape the unbearable heat of Mumbai.

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But you will surely love this one! One of the users captured lightning during rainfall and its mesmerising.

If you are someone who loves pics of lightning, then take a look at this one!

Geographical Conditions & Rainfall

mumbai rainfall
Credits: Canva Image

Mumbai is vulnerable to monsoon floods brought on by climate change, which is influenced by persistent rain and high tides at sea. According to the World Bank, Mumbai frequently floods because of an unprepared drainage system and an informal settlement. Mumbai’s geographic location is one of the factors that contribute to floods in the city.

The formation of new informal settlements in the suburbs over the past few decades has resulted in a sharp rise in population, poor waste management, and drainage congestion. Heavy amounts of precipitation from these locations flow towards low-lying urban centres with some slums and tall skyscrapers.

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Anyways, tell us what you think about these videos and pics!

Cover Image Credits: Canva Image (Rep Img)