Mumbaikars Are Uniting To Save Powai Lake Where BMC Is Building A Cycle Track

by Tania Tarafdar
Mumbaikars Are Uniting To Save Powai Lake Where BMC Is Building A Cycle Track

The BMC is building a cycle track along Powai Lake and residents and environmentalists are coming together to protest the project as they fear that the construction will destroy the ecosystem around it. Powai Lake was built in the 1890s to supply drinking water to the city. However, over the years, a huge portion of the lake was lost to construction activities. The cycle track might do further damage to the man-made lake.

The Cycle Track Will Put The Ecosystem At Risk

The cycle track on the peripheries of Powai lake spread over 6.61 square kilometers might cause irreversible damage to the lake which is home to Indian marsh crocodiles, softshell turtles, and many more plants and animal species. Several projects have already come on the two sides of the lake including the IIT-Bombay and the Hiranandani side. About 20% of the lake has been managed with construction. 

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The Track Will Also Pass Through Thick Forests 

Youth activists like Bangera have been protesting and urging BMC to scrap the project. However, the BMC says that it is a rejuvenation project along the periphery of the lake. The track also goes through thick forests, which are usually off the limits to people. On the other hand, activists are protesting saying that the construction is on the wetland that will affect the movement of marsh crocodiles.

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The activists also think that the construction will affect the ecosystem of Aarey Forests and are raising their voices to save the forest from destruction. Apart from the marine life, this project might threaten the fishermen who survive on fishing.