Mumbaikars Can Soon Take A Crocodile Safari In Powai Lake

by Tania Tarafdar
Mumbaikars Can Soon Take A Crocodile Safari In Powai Lake

The Powai Lake is hands down one of the most scenic places in the Mumbai suburbs. If you are lucky, you may also spot one or two crocodiles when you chill by the lake during sunset. But soon, a crocodile safari boat ride at the Powai Lake will take you closer to the reptiles. Yes, you heard that right. The Forest Department plans to make the crocodile safari a reality.

The Forest & Tourism Department To Device A Plan For Crocodile & Human Safety

The forest and tourism department has proposed a slow, motorised ride to ensure that the Indian Marsh crocodiles are not disturbed. The forest and the tourism department are working out a plan to ensure human and crocodile safety. The experts give certain basic dos and don’ts. Odisha Also Reopens World’s Largest White Crocodile Park.

Credits: Pixabay

The Powai Lake has Over 40 Indian Marsh Crocodiles

The Powai Lake spread over 6.61 square kilometres has over 40 crocodiles in it, and there has been photographic evidence. Despite its location in the heart of the suburbs of Mumbai, the Powai lake has been home to a large number of crocodiles for several years. Though it is an endangered species, the habitat has not been conducive to protect them. Sewage water from nearby buildings flows into the lake, causing blue-green algae growth and depleting the oxygen levels.

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The Lake Is Currently Used For Recreational Purposes

Experts are still studying if they can conduct boating activity in the lake. At present, this lake is for recreational purpose only. Earlier, there was a plan to start water sports activities in Powai Lake, but the project was shelved due to the crocodiles’ presence. Here are 5 Places You Have To Visit In Powai.

Powai Lake
The Beautiful View of The Powai Lake. Source:makemytrip

Recently, the Mangroves Department, had started crocodile safari at Songaon village in Khed taluka famous among wildlife lovers.