Mumbai’s Sea-Link & Coastal Road Project Will Be Connected Via A Bow-String Bridge After Protests

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbai’s Sea-Link & Coastal Road Project Will Be Connected Via A Bow-String Bridge After Protests

Mumbai is all set to get a bow-string bridge which will connect Mumbai’s Bandra-Worli sea link or the BWSL to the Mumbai Coastal Road Project or the MCRP. The two bridges were originally going to be connected by an arterial bridge, however, the fishing community vehemently opposed this development. Keeping in view the concerns of the fishing community, the authorities decided that it would be best to replace the arterial bridge with a Bow-string bridge.

Mumbai’s Sea-Link & Coastal Road Project To Be Connected Via Bow-String Bridge

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Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to an article by livemint, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or the BMC has decided against constructing an arterial bridge in order to connect BWSL and MCRP. Instead, they have decided to construct a bow-string bridge.

According to the livemint article, the reason for the fishing community’s protest was that the pillars of the bridge would be too close to one another and that would create a safety hazard for the fishing boats.

This is because the strong waves during the monsoon season increase the danger of fishing boats crashing against the pillars. This increases the threat to the lives of fisherfolk.

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What Is The Difference Between An Arterial Bridge & A Bow-String Bridge?

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An arterial bridge is supported by pillars placed strategically along the bridge’s length. Bow-string bridge, on the other hand, does not use pillars for support. This particular type of bridge has a metal arch with strong chords that hold together and support the bridge.

This means that the pillars that posed a threat to the lives of the fisherfolk will no longer be required. Since the bridge is also a connector, it will be relatively small. The bow-string bridge structure is also suited for smaller bridges.

Originally, the bridge was set to complete in the month of November this year, however, this change in plans might delay the completion to the May of 2024. The MCRP is said to speed up road travel in the city and is said to improve connectivity.

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