Naan Called ‘Balloon Bread’ By Italian Food Channel; Internet Surprised

by Suchismita Pal
Naan Called ‘Balloon Bread’ By Italian Food Channel; Internet Surprised

Indian dishes fascinate gastronomes from all over the world. And recently, an Italian food channel named Cookist shared a video of making the popular Indian flatbread naan. And guess what, it called naan ‘balloon bread’ leaving desi foodies utterly startled. The channel shared a video of making the naan bread and captioned the post as, “Easy to make and delicious, this #baloonbread recipe is the perfect alternative to bread!” Interestingly, the guys cooked the naan in the process of a roti. But the way they named the bread got the internet talking.

Naan Cooked In The Process Of A Roti

Cookist listed down the required ingredients to make the flatbread. The list includes 300 grams of all-purpose flour, 10 grams of sugar, 5 grams of salt, 7 grams of dry yeast, 120 ml of warm water, 120 ml of warm milk and 15 ml of vegetable oil. Sharing the method of the recipe, the page wrote, “Whisk flour with sugar, salt, and yeast. Pour in liquids: water, milk, and oil. Knead the dough until smooth, then form into a ball, cover, and set aside for 1 hour. Cut the dough into 6 pieces, roll each one, and set aside for 15 minutes. Roll out the dough into a disk, then cook over medium heat without any oil for 50 seconds, flip, cook for 30 seconds, flip again and wait for it to puff up. You can serve right away or brush the flatbread with the mixture of parsley in hot vegetable oil.” The channel’s crystal clear instructions would make even a layman easily understand the recipe, but it probably forgot to do a research on the bread’s name.


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Some Netizens Are Calling It Pita Bread

While desi foodies started calling it naan and roti, some others thought it to be pita bread.  One user also called it pupusa. Pupusa is a flatbread savoured in the El Salvador and Honduras regions of Central America. While another called it a Turkish recipe. One user, who seemed surprised by the multiple names, commented, “The comments here are ridiculous. It’s not tortilla, naan, roti, puri, thepla, etc… they are similar but NOT the same. The textures are different as well as the ingredients. Some use yogurt, yeast, different types of flour, etc… Different countries all have their own type of flatbread. Some use them stuffed, some use them to scoop food, etc…”

Balloon Bread

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Debates apart, what are your thoughts on this type of bread?