Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along Shares Video Of 95-YO Dadi Learning To Drive, Calls Her ‘Rocking Dadi’

An Instagrammer teaches his grandmother how to drive and Netizens love her spirit and zeal even at the age of 95!

by Tashika Tyagi
Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along Shares Video Of 95-YO Dadi Learning To Drive, Calls Her ‘Rocking Dadi’

You know you have lived a life worth living when even old age doesn’t deter you from learning new things! And this Dadi from Uttarakhand is the biggest example of the same! An Instagrammer from Uttarakhand taught his 95-year-old dadi how to drive and shared a video of her driving on his Instagram page. The video has since then created quite a buzz on the internet and people are loving his dadi’s cuteness and confidence!

Instagrammer Teaches His 95-Year-Old Dadi How To Drive


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A post shared by Sumit Negi (@the_phoenix_soul)

Sumit Negi is a Uttarakhand-based Instagrammer and he recently taught his 95-year-old dadi a major life skill – driving! He taught his dadi how to drive and documented her driving while he was in the passenger seat. He shared a video on his Instagram handle, @the_phoenix_soul that showed his dadi driving and sharing her experience about the same. And let us warn you – it is the cutest video you’ll see online today!

She cutely shows a thumbs up and turns to talk to her grandson while driving, for which he promptly warns her and tells her not to take her eyes off the road! Dadi even mentioned that while it might be her first time driving a car, she knows how to work around a rifle. She said she was slightly scared but liked driving.

Now, the video has gone viral, and even the Tourism Minister of Nagaland, Temjen Imna Along, shared the video on X (formerly Twitter). He was awed by this 95-year-old dadi who is learning how to drive. He added a caption to the post, “Age is indeed just a number” and called her Rocking Dadi!

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Internet Loving Dadi’s Spirit, Confidence & Cuteness!

Image Courtesy: Canva

Keeping the beauty of the internet, netizens showed massive support for this zealous dadi. The post was flooded with beautiful and encouraging messages and these times remind us why we love the Internet.



And the love kept pouring in! Here are some more comments that had our hearts full!



There were also many comments on the post about how the car is being pushed by some people. While we can’t be sure about that, all we can say is that we wish we had this amount of cuteness and confidence like her when we reach 95!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/@the_phoenix_soul & X/@AlongImna

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