Nebraska’s Carhenge Is A Replica Of England’s Stonehenge

by Angel Merchant
Nebraska’s Carhenge Is A Replica Of England’s Stonehenge

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The United Kingdom is famous for many tourist sites, in particular, the Stonehenge. The colossal structure of standing stones is a popular attraction in Wiltshire, England. Many attempts have been made to recreate the monument, and Nebraska finally won the title of the most unique recreation of all. The Carhenge, located near the city of Alliance, Nebraska, is a replica of England’s Stonehenge. The structure is formed from grey automobiles covered in grey spray paint.

What’s It?

Nebraska, USA, has a replica of the Stonehenge, only this one’s made purely of spray painted vintage cars. The place was built in 1987 by Jim Reinders as a memorial to his father. The Carhenge has 39 vehicles, all from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. The cars are arranged in a circle, similar to the Stonehenge.

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Stonehenge coming through with the goods!

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The original Stonehenge was erected around 2500 BC and stood tall in all its glory. However, its current state, after years of erosion, is more tattered. Reinders built the Carhenge along with 30 of his own family members. It was all in commemoration of his father, who he was very close to. Some cars are erected up, while others are perched on top of the vertical cars. Some are also halfway buried into the ground, as to give a sunken effect.

History Behind The Carhenge

The Carhenge was listed under America’s 10 wackiest attractions. The infamous toilet museum came in first place in San Antonio, however it is now closed. It is located up north of Nebraska in a small town, Alliance, which has a mere population of only 10,000 residents. The homely town is perched on the edge of beautiful sand hills, that are a national natural landmark. The area is also home to the largest system of sand dunes, in the entire western hemisphere! The sand dunes, unlike others, are completely saturated with plans and vegetation.

After construction, the Carhenge did not instantly attract tourists. Issues arose, so much so that it was almost demolished.  Members of the public, and the city council opposed the erection, stating it was wrong to build on farmlands. However, the compliant government at the time supported the initiative, and it has now risen to become a worldwide attraction.

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But is it art?

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Today, more artistic structures are being built surrounding the Carhenge. A structure of a fish combined artistically with a car, and other forms of art are exhibited all over the place. What originally started off as a memorial, has now become a place where people can express art in various forms. Other replicas around the world include astronomical models, socioeconomic statements, and basic artistic expression.

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