Neera, Maharashtra’s Favourite Drink From The Pre-Independence Era, Is The Way To Beat The Heat

by Mallika Khurana
Neera, Maharashtra’s Favourite Drink From The Pre-Independence Era, Is The Way To Beat The Heat

Indian cuisine is an elaborate one, revolving around different flavours, spices, and textures. This versatility doesn’t just make the food better, but also the drinks. Our country has a wide variety of drinks that are simply perfect to enjoy in the summer. However, their popularity suffered a major loss with the introduction of fizzy, packaged beverages. Well, it is time to bring those amazing drinks back and revive their charm. One such drink is Neera, a delicious drink made from the palm nectar of a coconut tree.

Neera Is The Perfect Summer Beverage

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Neera, also referred to as palm nectar, is a highly nourishing beverage. Along with an irresistible taste with refreshing effects, it is also packed with nutrition. It is not only more calorie-dense than milk, but also contains more vitamin C, helps fight diabetes, lowers blood pressure, and can help prevent cancer. A study by the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru even discovered that Neera can have a great effect on liver health.

If the summer heat is your concern, it is the ideal ally to fend off the sweltering flashes. Loaded with minerals and amino acids, it was also advertised as a perfect beverage to replace tea with, during the pre-independence era. Yes, this amazing beverage goes way back in history!

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It Is Sold on ‘Neera Vikri Kendra’ Kiosks

Coconut sap
Photo Credits: Canva

Neera is a reviving and energising beverage with a sweet taste of ripe palm fruit. On a hot summer afternoon, this white sap extracted from palm trees will prove to be your saviour. Sold for somewhere around 15 bucks per glass, it will certainly prove to be more effective than your average energy drink or sugary beverage.

Neera stalls, which were once common sights on Maharashtra highways, are slowly dying out, making it difficult to find this popular summer beverage from our shared past. Next time you see a stall, stop and indulge in some Neera and contribute to preserving some of India’s distinctive culinary heritage.

Numerous “Neera Vikri Kendra” or Neera stalls can be found strewn along highways in the vicinity of Mumbai. They are always ready to serve you this refreshing beverage from India, freshly extracted each morning before dawn.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva