Neeraj Chopra’s 1st Paycheck Was This & He Bought These Things With It

Neeraj Chopra’s first paycheck will shock you! It is…

by Ankita Mazumdar
Neeraj Chopra’s 1st Paycheck Was This & He Bought These Things With It

The golden boy of India, Neeraj Chopra keeps winning gold medals and makes every Indian’s heart grow with pride! From bringing home a gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics to plastering a smile on every citizen of India, he is a treasure for our country. He met with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for this exciting Sunday Brunch episode to talk about his javelin journey, his memorable travel experiences and more. Did you know his first paycheck was a scholarship?

What Was Neeraj Chopra’s First Paycheck? What Did He Do With It?

We were curious to know about his first-ever salary. Neeraj told us back in 2014 he was awarded a gold medal in the junior national competition. Along with that, he won a scholarship worth ₹2 lakh! That is quite a hefty amount for a first paycheck and honestly, we are proud of him.

He mentioned that he was absolutely stunned to see this much in his bank account. Needless to say, this was a monumental thing for his family and he shared with us that he wanted to use this scholarship money for his family’s everyday necessities but they were gracious enough to let him keep it all. Hence, he went on to splurge on things he adores like sneakers, javelins and more.

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Who Manages His Finances?

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Neeraj Chopra elaborated that he wasn’t money-minded and didn’t know how to handle money. Because his first paycheck was a whopping ₹2 lakhs and he had the liberty to do whatever he wanted to do with it, he ended up spending loads of it. With time, he understood the importance of spending money wisely.

Since then, he has handed over his finances to his family and it is still that way. Nonetheless, one thing he couldn’t let go of is hoarding limited-edition sneakers, as he is a massive sneakerhead. Even though he occasionally wears them, he loves to collect them. Do all the sneakerheads in the house relate?

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