Netizen Asks, “Why Do Indians Sit In Other People’s Seats Without Permission?”; Sparks A Debate

A post about an uncle asking a young female passenger to exchange flight seats is going viral. Here's why.

by Shreya Ghosh
Netizen Asks, “Why Do Indians Sit In Other People’s Seats Without Permission?”; Sparks A Debate

Many of our travel experiences are dependent on our co-passengers. To make a journey smooth and convenient, fellow passengers’ proper cooperation is surely important. Unfortunately, some not-so-expected behaviours can cause chaos at times. Recently, Manjiri Indurkar tweeted about an incident when an uncle asked a woman to exchange her window seat and here’s what happened later.

Manjiri Indurkar Shared How An Uncle Asked A Young Woman To Replace Seats On A Flight

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Manjiri wants more kindness (@ManjiriIndurkar) talked about an in-flight incident when an old male passenger asked a young woman passenger to simply exchange seats. He did not ask her permission before or asked to know about her response about this. He simply wanted her to take his seat instead of the window seat that she booked already.

Manjiri began her post by asking, “Why do Indians sit in other people’s seats without permission and expect them to understand”. She talked about a shocking flight incident when an uncle (aged passenger) was sitting in a young woman’s seat not by any mistake but very much willingly. Seeing the woman passenger, he asked her not to sit at her previously booked flight seat and instead exchange it with his seat. The surprising fact is that the woman’s seat was window seat 10A and the man booked the 20B seat.

The woman simply refused to exchange the seats with the uncle. Hearing a no from the young woman passenger, the uncle became grumpy. Manjiri shared the in-flight interaction and pointed out the “entitlement” here. This is something that has been experienced or seen by many passengers. There have been thousands of times when people asked passengers with window seats to exchange seats.

Such instances do impact many people’s travel experiences. When travelling with people who follow the rules and regulations, the journey becomes quite smooth and enjoyable. On the other hand, the same journey can be the entire opposite if some of the other passengers are not very well-behaved or do not adhere to basic rules.

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This Tweet Led To A Debate On Social Media

It has not even been an entire day since the poet posted this incident. Meanwhile, the tweet is going viral and has garnered more than 260K views, 4.7K likes, and hundreds of comments already. There are different comments with varied opinions under this tweet. The post has surely buzzed a debate among Netizens where everyone is sharing their views and experiences.

Debaditya (@darc_elestial) stated how Manjiri reached the conclusion that this is an Indian problem. “What was your sample data”, asked Debaditya.

Passengers simply urging to exchange seats with others is not a recent problem or only limited to Indian passengers. Taking to the social media platform, many Internet users talked about the times when they faced similar experiences while travelling on a flight. It is never a good idea to ask someone to sit someplace else when they have already paid extra money to enjoy views from that window seat.

Here’s what Netizens are saying.

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Have you faced an incident like this?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X (formerly Twitter)/ Manjiri wants more kindness (@ManjiriIndurkar)

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