Rat Spotted In The Kitchen Of A Jalandhar Restaurant; Netizens Ask, “Remy, Is that You?”

A food content creator based in Jalandhar saw a rat in the kitchen of a popular restaurant.

Jalandhar restaurant
by Tooba Shaikh

Who doesn’t like visiting restaurants and eateries that have been on their bucket list for a long time? No feeling compares to the excitement you feel when you know you’ll be tasting the food from somewhere you’ve been dying to go. However, when the food or the place doesn’t live up to the expectations, it can also be pretty devastating. Recently, a Jalandhar-based food content creator had a similar experience when he went to a popular restaurant and found a rat in the kitchen.

Rat Spotted In Kitchen Of A Jalandhar Restaurant

Recently, a food content creator’s trip to a famous restaurant in Jalandhar went awry when he spotted a rat in the kitchen. Haveli in Jalandhar is quite a famous restaurant and Baldeep Singh, a food content creator based in Punjab, visited it for some breakfast. However, when he reached there, he saw that the kitchen in which workers were busy making bhaturas, had a rat!

He saw a rat walking on and licking one of the large dishes in which the bhaturas are kept. Baldeep Singh even took a video of it and shared it on his Instagram account. The video showed the rat lingering on one of the dishes and then after a little while, it hopped off! The content creator penned a long message in the caption of the video.

In the caption, he drew the attention of the people in charge to the rat infestation in the kitchen. He pointed out how it’s extremely unhygienic and urged the authorities to take heed of the situation. He stated that maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen was one of the most basic and essential parts of running a restaurant and that such incidents only served to hurt the reputation of the restaurant in the long run.

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Netizens Ask “Remy, Is That You?”

Jalandhar restaurant

Image Credits: @food_mehkma/Instagram

The video was posted yesterday and since then, it has gone viral. The post has received more than 50,000 likes and even more views. A number of people took to the comment section to express their disgust and astonishment at the situation. One even lamented by saying that they went to eat there just yesterday!

Given the fact that it was a rat (well actually, it was a mouse) in a kitchen, several references to Ratatouille were made. One commenter wrote the famous line in the movie, “Anyone can cook!” Some commented pointing out that it was Ratatouille in real life. One commenter asked, “Remy, is that you?” Contrary to popular belief, Ratatouille is not the name of the rat, but of the dish the rat makes. The rat is named Remy.

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Have you ever witnessed anything like this? What would you do if you found out that your favourite place to eat has a kitchen that’s infested with rats? Would you continue eating there? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @food_mehkma/Instagram

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