Netizens Are Lauding The Subway Employee Clicked Studying In Between Breaks

by Shreya Ghosh
Netizens Are Lauding The Subway Employee Clicked Studying In Between Breaks

We have so many plans to achieve and do lots of things in our lives. But most of us just end up delaying the plans and procrastinating and we have so many reasons to give for not doing something we intended to. But there are also some people who work hard and put all the effort into sticking to the path of achieving their goals. Some photos of a Subway employee studying in between her work shift are making rounds on social media platforms and Netizens are very happy to see her determination toward both her profession and studies.

Story Of This Subway Employee Will Inspire You!

IPS Officer Dipanshu Kabra took to his official Twitter handle (@ipskabra) to share two photos of the Subway employee standing at an empty counter and reading her book.

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These photos show how the employee manages to do both her job and complete her studies with whatever time she is getting in a day. She is not being inattentive towards her job as the counter is empty with no customers nearby. While she could have simply spent this time chilling or relaxing for some time, she chose to work hard and give her best for her studies.

Dipanshu Kubra shared that the name of this Subway employee is Kareena and she works at the Ambuja Mall in Raipur.

Here’s What The Tweeple Have To Say About Her Determination And Will To Work Hard

Twitterati is really impressed to see how this employee is making the best use of each and every free minute. Without spending time sitting idly, she took her book and studied. Standing at the counter during long shifts, taking orders, and doing all her work at Subway is not at all an easy job. It gets tiring after a certain point in time and sometimes rude customers worsen these experiences. But this employee does not let her tiredness interfere with her plans. She is passionate and dedicated to her studies and Twitter users are applauding her grit.

Dr. Awadhesh Mishra (@AwadheshMishra_) tweets about how these pictures inspire us!

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The responses are really positive and it is indeed a source of encouragement for others.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Dipanshu Kabra (@ipskabra)