New BBC Documentary Exposes Dubai’s Ultra Rich Who Own Super Cars And Private Jets

by Deeplata Garde
New BBC Documentary Exposes Dubai’s Ultra Rich Who Own Super Cars And Private Jets

We can all agree that Dubai’s global reputation as a glamorous metropolis is well deserved. But it is only one aspect of a city rich in history, mystery, and cultural diversity. The first episode of the new BBC documentary Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich aired in the UK on Monday evening. It focused on Dubai’s ultra-glamorous side, displaying the region as an always-sunny tax-free harbour. Their supercars, private jets, and walk-in closets filled top to bottom with designer clothing are commonplace.

Watch The City’s Richest Of The Rich

The first episode followed Rashed Belhasa, 19, Dubai’s “richest adolescent,”. He went to wrap one of his many supercars and, of course, video the whole affair for his YouTube channel. “I feel like it’s my birthday every day,” he says to the camera as he selects electric blue for his Rolls-Royce.

In another scene, we meet Indian industrialist Abu Sabah, whose name is proudly emblazoned on the front of his mansion. “I’m pleased of myself, absolutely,” he admits when questioned. “God has been really gracious to me, and I have accomplished my objectives – at a very early stage.”

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Sabah Holds The World’s Most Expensive Licence Plate

Then there’s socialite Sonia Pronk. She takes us through her wardrobe, which includes more designer handbags than she can humanly count. The wardrobe is worth close to $4 million. “Are any of these fake?” she’s asking, stunned.

We also meet Gaynor Scott. Resides in Dubai with her affluent businessman husband and their two children. She is holding a welcome party for her new neighbours in Emirates Hills, with the aid of her live-in chef and a crew of four Filipino servants. The family then departs for the UK in a $100,000 private plane, avoiding the throng in airport lounges, we’re told. Even if you want to, it’s difficult to look away. But it’s hardly an accurate portrayal of Dubai.

Luxurious Life In Dubai

The programme takes the city’s 1%. It displays it as though everyone who moves here lives such extravagant lifestyles. It appears to imply that you are either a millionaire or a domestic worker, nothing in between.
You’ll see supercars and five-star hotels in Dubai, just as you would on London’s Kings Road. But if you scratch underneath the show’s gleaming, hard surface, you’ll also discover an average, day-to-day existence enjoyed by many hard-working inhabitants.