New In Bengaluru: Araku’s First Cafe In India Is Much More Than A Coffee Shop

araku cafe bengaluru
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 3397

The aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee makes everyone instantly feel at home in Namma Bengaluru. And now, it’s not just filter coffee. Araku coffee from the Eastern Ghats of India will spread its fragrance across the Garden City. After opening its first flagship cafe in Paris, Araku Cafe makes its debut in India by opening doors to Bengalureans. The globally recognised coffee brand known for its farmer-friendly and sustainable practices features India’s first-ever Modbar, an internationally recognised coffee school, curated bookstore, contemporary art, exquisite food and of course freshly brewed coffee, all in Indiranagar in Bengaluru. So yes, Araku’s first cafe in India, is much more than your ordinary coffee shop. Here’s everything you must know about this cuppa-joe!

Araku Cafe Features A Book Store, Sensory Bar, Art Centre & Much More

Araku cafe is nestled in a spacious 5000sq feet area in Indiranagar’s bustling 12th main. It features India’s first Modbar on the ground floor. Walk up to the first floor, and you’d be greeted by a coffeeology abode. The second floor is specially reserved for barista training. A Sensory Bar, set amid the backdrop of brass shelves adorned with Araku’s signature colourful moka pots, gives customers the chance to dive into the fascinating world of brews. Bibliophiles can tuck into a good book and sip coffee, at the curated bookstore hidden behind a golden floating staircase. Araku cafe, is certainly not your regular coffee shop. The private dining rooms, art centre, learning centre and roastery are testimonies to this.

araku cafe bengaluru

Picture Credits: Twitter/ Chandra R. Srikanth

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Globally Recognised Coffee Academy Offers Coffee Courses

Apart from the wide variety of brews, delectable global cuisines, the cafe also houses the Araku World Specialty Coffee Academy. This is India’s first Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified coffee academy. The founders aim to build an international coffee school where coffee professionals across the globe can have access to education. And pursue a career in speciality coffee. The ideas of sustainability and farmer-friendly practices in growing coffee are exhuberated through the cafe’s interiors. Bamboo chandeliers, recycled metal shelves, rare plants from Araku valley and recycled paper planters convey a much large meaning behind the humble endeavour. The handcrafted pieces from tribals of the Araku Valley will take your breath away.

araku cafe bengaluru

Picture Credits: Twitter/ Chandra R. Srikanth

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Sample Handcrafted Brews From Across The World

Coffee connoisseurs, perch yourself at the Sensory Bar to sample manual brews prepared using French Press, V60 pour-over, AeroPress, Moka Pot or Chemex. The cafe uses premium A2 milk from their own farms to craft the coffee. Moreover, the syrups used in the beverages are also homemade. Moreover bet the scorching heat with over 20 cold brews like Café l’Orange, Black Forest already selling almost 100 litres a day. And if you’d like to learn more about coffee, then take up the Introduction to Coffee course at the Araku World Specialty Coffee Academy. Available in five specialist modules learn everything about Barista Skills, Green Coffee, Roasting, Brewing and Sensory Skills here. This course might also help you to understand and love your favourite beverage, a little more.


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Pair Freshly Brewed Coffee With Delectable Global Inspired Bites

Araku Cafe is driven by a simple philosophy. A lady farmer once told one of the founders, that if people knew that single brinjal or okra took 90 days to cultivate from the time the seeds were sown, people would never waste food. So, right from the coffee to the quick bites, the food here is focused on creating awareness and promoting sustainability. The cafe ditches plastic packaging and instead serves coffee in cups made from discarded coffee husks. The beetroot done three ways in roulette, crisp and grilled style is a wonderful dish. Butter croissants and toasties perfectly complement the bittersweet notes of coffee. The other delectable dishes include Lettuce Bao,  the Japanese inspired, Tamagoyaki Toastie, homemade kimchi infused sandwich.

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araku cafe bengaluru

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With a globally recognised coffee academy, a rich curated bookstore, a sensory bar, a globally inspired menu and over 20 varieties of brews, you’d know that Araku Cafe is not your ordinary cafe. And that’s one major reason who you must plan visit this place with your loved ones for a sensory, coffee tasting experience like no other.

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