6 Different Types Of Coffee You Would Find Only In India

types of coffee in india
by Sanjana Shenoy

For coffee lovers, the aroma of freshly ground coffee is the ultimate perfume. You’d end up picking cafes over bars any day. And when it would come to bucket lists, you desire to try out every kind of coffee in the world. Yes, even the Vietnamese Egg Coffee! But why travel all the way out of India to try out amazing coffee? Move over from Latte, Cappuccino and Mocha, and as India has a variety of exotic types of coffee, that you’d never heard of. Nevertheless, they are served piping hot, strong with just the right amount of sweetness. To top it all, we also have varieties of coffee to cure you off your cold and other ailments. So, coffee lovers, here are 6 different types of coffee that you’d only find in India. Grab your cuppa joe, or should we say cup of joy!

1. South Indian Filter Coffee

If you’re a die-hard coffee lover, then the good’ol South Indian Filter Coffee, will surely be your favourite brew. The frothy blend of coffee decoction, hot milk and sugar, served in a steel cup, directly awakens your soul. In fact, Filter Kaapi or Filter Coffee has quite a theatrical method of preparation. Pouring the coffee back and forth at an exaggerated height, froths it, and makes this brew all the more appealing. The ultimate pleasure you’d get by sipping Filter Coffee at a quaint South Indian eatery is unparalleled.

2. Bella Kaapi

Coorg’s authentic Bella Kaapi is a personal favourite. This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy black coffee. This simple brew is prepared by boiling ground roasted coffee in water. It’s then sweetened with a lump of dark cane jaggery. The jaggery gives the beverage a lovely smoky taste. You can even add a blend of spices like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom to the mixture. Bella Kaapi or Jaggery Coffee has a perfect balance of bitterness from the coffee decoction and sweetness from the jaggery. I’d personally recommend this Indian coffee, it will leave you with a lingering flavour of caffeine and get you pumped up for the day.

types of coffee in india

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3. Sukku Kaapi

‘Sukku’ means dried ginger in Tamil. Ginger is the key ingredient for this beverage that’s both healthy and energising. This herbal coffee is widely enjoyed in Tamil Nadu. It’s prepared by brewing dry ginger with coffee, and then sweetened with palm jaggery. Sukku or Chukku Kaapi gives great relief for those suffering from cough, cold, nasal congestion and headache. People also prepare this with a variety of spices like pepper, coriander, clove etc. And some traditional recipes don’t really have caffeine it. Nevertheless, this popular black ginger coffee is the perfect herbal concoction for a rainy day.

types of coffee in india

Picture Credits: Youtube/Healthy Food Kitchen

4. Tandoori Coffee

You might have heard of Tandoori Chai. But have you heard of Tandoori Coffee? Sip on piping hot coffee served in kulhads or clay pots, roasted in a pre-heated tandoor in Meadow Mastii, a charming little cafe in Hyderabad. To prepare Tandoori Coffee, the barista first roasts kulhads in a pre-heated tandoor. Afterwhich, the pours coffee into the extremely hot kulhads to let the drink bubble over as it finishes cooking. The hot clay pot or kulhad gives the coffee a strong smoky flavour, leaving you asking for more.

types of coffee in india

Picture Credits: Youtube/Kanak’s Kitchen

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5. Karupatti Coffee

Karupatti Coffee is Tamil Nadu’s answer to Karnataka’s Bella Kaapi. This is known as palm jaggery coffee. Jaggery made by reducing the palm sapling is used to prepare this black coffee. Palm jaggery is healthier compared to jaggery prepared from sugarcane. Karupatti Coffee is prepared with coffee decoction, water and palm jaggery. The next time you suffer from cough, cold or cramps, just drink this piping hot beverage. You’d surely end up feeling better. Coffee lovers find this to be a healthy alternative to sugar coffee, as its just black coffee with jaggery.

types of coffee in india

Picture Credits: maryzkitchen.com

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6. Indian Hand Beaten Coffee

When the world discovered ‘Dalgona Coffee’, our mothers laughed at us, and brought our attention to the Desi Cappuccino or Indian Hand Beaten Coffee. Didn’t get it? Well, welcome to the world of ‘Phitti-Hui Coffee’! This hand beaten coffee stands tall as a homely attempt to whip up a warm cup of cappuccino in our desi kitchens. To prepare this, beat coffee and sugar mixture till your arms hurt badly. Incorporate some air into it. And then, pour this bitter-sweet frothy mixture into a glass filled with hot milk. There you go, you can devour Desi Cappuccino from the comfort of your home. If you’d put this fixture into a glass of cold milk, then voila! You got yourself a glass of Dalgona Coffee! Potato, poh-ta-to right!

Coffee Connoisseurs! This is our list of the different types of coffee you’d only find in India. So, before you dive into the world of Lattes, Cappuccinos and Affagatos, head south. Literally! Head to South India to try out a variety of aromatic, strong, coffeelicious brews. Tick these amazing types of coffee off your wishlist. Trust us, they are worth it!