New Yorkers Pleasantly Surprised To See Prince William Jogging At Central Park!

by Shreya Rathod
New Yorkers Pleasantly Surprised To See Prince William Jogging At Central Park!

The heir apparent to the British throne, Prince William, was on a trip to New York. The reason for this visit was the United Nations General Assembly and Earthshot Prize. However, Prince William did enjoy a morning jog at the famous Central Park in New York.

Prince William Enjoys Morning Jog At Central Park In New York!

The annual Earthshot Prize event was attended by Britain’s Prince William. In fact, he announced the finalists and spoke about climate change and how innovation, creativity and technology are important in fighting it. Five firms and organisations will each get 1 million pounds ($1.2 million) in awards for their innovative approaches to environmental preservation.

In an interview, he talked about how everyone should hang on to hope and optimism as they are the drivers of change and innovation. Further, he casually mentioned enjoying a morning jog at Central Park. He remarked that it was wonderful to wake up on a sunny morning rather than a rainy day. In fact, it was a beautiful day with fresh air!

He also added that he believed that there is hope as several people are doing incredible things that will have a massive impact on the future. He highlighted the finalists from around the world including the efforts to reduce London’s air pollution, reduce livestock methane emission and so on.

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Earthshot Prize And It’s Finalists

The Prince William-founded Earthshot Prize seeks to encourage and celebrate creative responses to the most pressing environmental problems. During his visit to New York City, the 15 competition finalists for this year were presented.

The efforts of these candidates to solve environmental problems including pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change have shown outstanding inventiveness and commitment. The Earthshot Prize plays a critical role in spurring global action and bringing about good change for the environment by recognising and promoting these ground-breaking innovations.

This year, there are 15 finalists for the event including Coastal 500. It is a group of government officials like mayors, leaders, etc. from 8 countries who are working towards coastal protection and ocean habitat restoration. Others are WildAid Marine Programme, Circ Inc., Aquacycl and Boomitra.

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All of them are working hard towards reducing the harmful effects of global warming, and climate change and restoring habitats.

Cover Image Courtesy: @princeandprincessofwales/ Instagram