No AC For 1.5 Hrs SpiceJet Ahmedabad-Bound Flight Left Passengers In Discomfort

by Shreya Rathod
No AC For 1.5 Hrs SpiceJet Ahmedabad-Bound Flight Left Passengers In Discomfort

In a recent incident, SpiceJet flight passengers were subjected to extreme discomfort. This happened on the Delhi to Ahmedabad flight that was delayed. Passengers claimed that there was no working air conditioner and that it was a discomfort to stay inside the flight! Here are the details of what happened on the SpiceJet Ahmedabad flight.

No AC On SpiceJet Flight For 1.5 Hrs!

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Credits: Wikimedia

On Thursday, passengers on a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad had to endure an uncomfortable experience when the air conditioning system was not turned on even though the plane was almost full.

The lack of an air conditioner for almost an hour and a half caused the passengers, many of whom were elderly, to suffocate. Time was measured from the time of boarding to take off. Passengers claimed that when they asked the personnel to turn on the air conditioning, they received no response.

The Mirror reported that they have two videos where passengers were seen requesting crew members to switch on the air conditioning. Moreover, they were seen waving paper to get some air. In fact, one woman, who was suffering from asthma, was seen pleading too!

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There were about 192 people on board the aircraft. Senior adults and little children were among the passengers who could be seen pleading for water, but not even that was provided. A group of 25 elderly women comprised the only group of senior citizens on the trip.

Passenger Narrates The Situation

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A passenger who is a practising lawyer narrated the incident by stating that the flight left at about three o’clock. The departure was finally declared at 4 pm after several time changes and around 3:05, boarding began. Because the air conditioner was broken, it was uncomfortable inside the aircraft.

He continued by stating that after everyone had boarded, it moved to the taxiway in around 40 minutes and then lifted off in more than 30 minutes. Even though individuals were complaining of suffocation at the time, the crew did not turn on the air conditioning.

He further stated that they were informed that the AC wouldn’t operate until the plane was in the air. At roughly 4.50 pm, the flight finally took off, but even then, the air conditioning was inadequate. Additionally, he declared that he will protest to the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

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SpiceJet did not respond to any correspondence during this time.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia