No More High Auto Or Cab Fare, GNIDA Is Bringing 100 New Buses To Make Commuting To All 6 Metro Lines Easier

Greater noida metro
by Shreya Ghosh 117

If you are someone who needs to travel daily to colleges, universities, or offices, we have some exciting news to share with you. The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) took a marvellous decision to improve the connectivity of different areas in Noida with the city’s metro stations. They will launch a brand-new bus service very soon in the upcoming future that will simplify the commuting journey to all 6 metro stations in Noida.

GNIDA To Improve Connectivity To Metro Stations With New Busy Service

noida metro

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The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority is to launch this new bus service with 100 buses for easier and swift connectivity to the metro stations from different corners of Greater Noida. The authority will complete this launch by the end of March. It is truly great news for those residents of Noida who need to cover huge distances daily and are dependent on metro services for daily commutes.

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This New Bus Service Will Help In Saving Daily Expenses As Well!

As there are no better bus travel facilities in these places, people are bound to spend a huge amount each and every day on auto rides and cab fares. With the start of 100 new buses on the streets, these people will find a way to ditch autos and cabs and choose bus travel instead. Meanwhile, they can also save on fares at these transport facilities. It is said that this will be helpful for almost 15,000 people who travel by metro daily.

There have been no official announcements made yet on the details of the bus services such as the connections or the pricing of these facilities. They will make the announcement soon after the completion of the tender steps.

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Authorities initially planned to launch 25 e-buses in the city, but the plan changed and the decision of launching 100 new buses was taken.

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