Wondering What’s Manjulika Doing In Noida Metro And Money Heist, Squid Games Characters Doing In Mumbai Metro? We Now Know!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Wondering What’s Manjulika Doing In Noida Metro And Money Heist, Squid Games Characters Doing In Mumbai Metro? We Now Know!

What do you expect during a metro ride? People fiddling with their phones, catching a power nap, and balancing their way through, right? Well, metro goers in Noida’s Aqua Line metro met none other than the character Manjulika from the hit horror-comedy film Bhool Bhulaiyaa and they certainly got a fright. And that’s not all! Those travelling by Mumbai metro met characters from Money Heist and Squid Games. So, is a cosplay event happening on metros that you don’t know about? Read on!

Manjulika Enters Noida Metro

Recently, videos inside the Noida metro show a woman dressed like Manjulika scaring commuters off their wits. Dressed in a sari, with messy hair, smudged kajal and sindoor she walks unsteadily, eerily close to commuters and screams in a hoarse voice “Duraga ashtami ke din, maregi mujhe tu“. While some passengers ran away from the scene, some bravados took out their phones to amusingly shoot videos of the unusual metro incident.

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Then again in Mumbai metro, passengers were surprised to see a character from Squid Games run across the compartments and crawl on the floor of a moving train. Perhaps, he was playing red-light, green-light and needed to get into position ASAP! Also, a man dressed as a character from Money Heist walked stealthily with bags of money. What’s going on you wonder?

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boAt’s New Ad Campaign Brings Squid Games, Money Heist Characters To Life

Well, the cat is out of the bag! This is not a happening cosplay in Noida and Mumbai metros. It’s infact part of a fun ad campaign by India’s popular ear-wear audio brand company, boAt. In a collaboration with Netflix, boAt launched an all-stream edition. The tagline promises the sound to be so powerful that even your favourite characters come to life. The Ad campaign was shot with prior permission from Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC).

So, what would you do if you encountered Manjulika, Money Heist or Squid Games characters on your next metro journey? Would you run away, click photos or just dance along with them?

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