No More OMR 200 Fine On Ferrying Family Or Folks To The Airport; Oman Ministry Explains Why!

by Deeplata Garde
No More OMR 200 Fine On Ferrying Family Or Folks To The Airport; Oman Ministry Explains Why!

A recent fear was spread among the Omanis about fines being imposed on pick-up and drop of family and friends at the airport. The government came across several transport violations in the country. And this in turn led to the decision of incurring fines for the movement of people ferrying their close ones to the airport. But then as per resources, this decision was cancelled out and no more OMR 200 fines would be levied.

No More OMR 200 Fine On Pick-Up Or Drop To The Airport

Concerns about the government levying similar fees on people who drive loved ones to and from the airport started to surface on social media. Workers who are detected transporting products in their cars that are meant for commercial use rather than personal use are fined OMR300. While violators who are caught and booked for the offence receive fines of OMR200.

But post the rumours of this penalty doing rounds on the internet, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology clarified the news. According to the department, no fines will be imposed on the mentioned act of travel in their private vehicles.

The statements clarified that fines would be imposed on only the drivers who disobeyed the Land Transport Law’s executive regulations. The department can penalize drivers who simply transported friends and acquaintances for no pay.

The ministry reaffirmed that enforcement efforts would go on and asked those working in the industry to abide by the rules set forth in the Land Transport Law.

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If Fined, You Can Submit Your Complaints To The Department

OMR 200 Fine
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Did you still get a fine after the MoTCIT issued its statement? Well then go ahead and file a complaint against the system. According to the authorities, if people have been fined for carrying friends and family, they can file complaints with the Land Transport Department at the Ministry’s General Office or the Roads Departments in the governorates for consideration. They have 15 days from the date the fine was issued to submit their reports.

The application of rules is done to guarantee the security of commodities, the security of people using land transportation, and the preservation of the legal rights of parties involved in land transportation carriers.

So now we know there’s nothing to fear about the given penalties.

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