No Quarantine For 7-Day Kerala Visit On ‘Special Grounds’

by Suchismita Pal
No Quarantine For 7-Day Kerala Visit On ‘Special Grounds’

There are many people who are entering Kerala now from high-risk states and union territories like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Delhi. A large number of people are also coming to the state from abroad. As per reports, over 63.63 percent of people coming back to Kerala from the other states have been from red zones. Therefore, the government has come up with some renewed COVID-19 guidelines to curb the spread of coronavirus.  The state has also issued special orders, permitting people for short visits for a maximum period of 7 days without ‘mandatory quarantine’ on urgent grounds. Read on to know the details:

Kerala Exempts Mandatory Quarantine On ‘Special Grounds’ For A Short Period Of 7 Days

The Kerala government has allowed people coming to the state on essential grounds like medical purposes, legal cases, businesses, education, property management and official purposes. They can stay in the state for a period of 7-days without mandatory quarantine. However, the authorities will give permits only under certain conditions, which are as follows:

  1. Prior to the essential travel, they will have to collect entry passes through the COVID-19 Jagratha portal. They must register themselves in the portal, provide necessary details like the local accommodation address, information about the itinerary and purpose of visit.
  2. Students coming to the state for exams and other academic purposes can stay for 3 days before the exam and 3 days after the exam.
  3. The incomers must directly go to the hotels or their places of stay without taking any halt in between for visiting other places or meeting acquaintances.
  4. They should not come in contact with children below 10 years of age and elderly people above 65 years.
  5. They won’t have permits to visit any public places.
  6. Hospitals, too, are a no-go for them, except for urgent purposes.

Meanwhile, here’s some information about the ‘Corona Care Homes’ in Kerala.

Kerala Quarantine Guidelines
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Renewed Quarantine Guidelines For People Travelling To Kerala For More Than 7 Days

Here are the guidelines that people travelling to the state of Kerala for more than a week must follow:

  1. Those entering Kerala from abroad can go home after providing an affidavit. But they will strictly need to adhere to the 14-day quarantine conditions. Otherwise, the police might take up legal actions.
  2. The local self-government institutions, the nodal officer of COVID- 19 care centre, police, district collector and other officials will be notified before a person starts from the airport. The officials will ensure that the people coming in have reached their respective home quarantine.
  3. The authorities will make sure that there are essential amenities at home for quarantine. One can stay at home quarantine only if the local officials approve that there are adequate facilities, after inspection. For those who do not have proper facilities at home should go for institutional quarantine.
  4. Incomers can also stay at paid quarantine in a hotel.
  5. The authorities will notify containment zones every night before 12. They might declare the zones at ward levels in the Panchayats and at the sub-ward levels in the Corporation. The officials might declare containment zones at the local level depending on the number of positive cases among the quarantined people, primary and secondary contacts. Initially, the containment zones will be declared for a week. After the review by the District Collector, the period might be extended.
Kerala Quarantine Guidelines
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Kerala has a total of around 2461 confirmed cases with nearly 19 deaths. While Kerala is in a much better stage than many other Indian states, these steps were highly required to shield the people from getting the infection. On that note, here’s how Kerala and Bangalore hospitals have deployed robots to tackle COVID-19: