5 Non-Crowded Weekend Getaways Near Pune For The Long Weekend

by Sanmita A
5 Non-Crowded Weekend Getaways Near Pune For The Long Weekend

Weekend getaways are becoming fun, especially with so much development and upgradation happening in tourist places. The government is surely doing its best to give tourists and travellers the best experience when it comes to hosting and hospitality. Be it food or travel, there is so much to explore. In this post, we will take you through Pune – yes, this mega city, despite being an IT city has much to it. And honestly, you will be surprised by the number of destinations in and around Pune waiting to be discovered. Here’s a list of weekend getaways near Pune that you can check out.

1. Kundalika River

Maharashtra is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. If you wish to experience thrilling adventures, try rafting at the Kundalika River. No, you are not up for a drab experience. With the river current, and your raft crossing dense forests and pretty paddies, rafting through the Kundalika river is going to be one hell of an experience. You can even explore the areas around and camp by the river, enjoy a nice bonfire and have a get-together with your friends for a memorable experience. The distance from Pune to Kundalika River is almost 100 km. So, it is not much travel, and spending time amid nature.


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2. Chikhaldara

Said to be one of the less crowded and unexplored places near Pune. Chikhaldara is the place you must think of when you’re looking for peaceful weekend getaways near Pune. If you love trekking and hiking, Chikhaldara can cater to you with places you can hike to. On the other hand, for a quiet and slow weekend, you can book pretty homestays and have a good time there. From Pune to Chikhaldara, the distance is about 500 km.

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3. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is close to Pune and is one of the perfect weekend getaways near Pune. The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is over 100 km from Pune. Apart from exploring the sanctuary, you can enjoy staying at the properties there. You can plan a picnic, spend time with nature, and have a refreshing weekend.

4. Chiplun

Don’t hesitate to head to Chiplun, as it is located only over 400 km from Pune city. Wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Then, Chiplun can be your place of solace. Chiplun lies near a river and appears at its best during the monsoon season. Oh! A total sight to behold. There are also tons of scenic places to visit in Chiplun and you can easily spend a day or two – basically your entire weekend. So, don’t think much & quickly plan a long weekend in Chiplun City.


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5. Matheran

What are you exactly looking for during weekend getaways? Adventure with friends or a quiet time to yourself? You know exactly what we talking about – this place should be on your must-visit weekend getaways near Pune list. It is where you can take some time to yourself and enjoy relaxing amid the tranquillity of nature. Well, that’s the best therapy when it comes to weekend getaways from the city. Matheran is located around 120 km from Pune & did we tell you that it is a small hill station?

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