Not Paper, This Printer Prints Crispy Dosas For Foodies

by Sanjana Shenoy
Not Paper, This Printer Prints Crispy Dosas For Foodies

The world of food, never ceases to surprise us, even shock us. At a time when everyone’s favourite breakfast snack, dosa is undergoing torturous food trends like the Masala Dosa Ice Cream roll, there’s little left to the imagination. We couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve now come across a printer that prints dosas. Read on to know how.

Automatic Dosa Maker Prints A-4 Size Dosas

A Twitterati named Samantha has shared an advertisement for a dosa printer. Resembling a genetic printer, the device literally prints rectangular almost A-4-sized paper-thin crispy dosas. All you need to do is pour the dosa batter into an outlet. Click a button and you’d get A-4 size sheets of dosa. The dosa printer is priced at ₹15,999 and weighs around 6 kg. The product details specify that it’s made in India and portable.

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Netizens Unimpressed By Automatic Dosa Maker

Ever since this video made its way to Twitter, it has garnered over 2.77 lakh views. But netizens aren’t impressed with the innovation. Many have joked and enquired if it can print idlis too. And one netizen pointed out that it doesn’t resemble an actual dosa and there is no joy in cooking it. But some were quick to point out that it could be useful for big families and especially-abled people. Meanwhile, for good ol’ unadulterated dosas, head to Bangalore’s CTR.